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Warning signals that you are about to become a victim.

  • Someone says something that sounds too good to be true. It may be a scam to steal your identity and financial information. Be cautious and ask questions, especially when you are being romanced by an individual.

  • Someone asks you for your personal banking information to give you a scholarship. Financial aid professionals will NEVER ask you for this kind of information.

  • Someone pressures you to accept or lose a scholarship immediately. Never allow someone that you do not know to pressure you to make a decision. Verify the identity of the individual that says he/she works in your Financial Aid Office. Go visit the individual that claims to work in the Financial Aid Office.

  • Someone guarantees that you have won a scholarship. Remember there are only two guarantees in life....death and taxes.

  • Someone asks you to send money to hold a scholarship.

  • Someone says that they work with your Financial Aid Office but do not want to give you their name, phone number and title so that you can verify their statements and position. Legitimate financial aid professionals always provide this contact information to conduct business but the scam artist will resist or give you a false name, position and phone number.

  • A scam artist will not want you to call them back as they always call you.

  • Someone identifies themselves from a public agency such as the California Student Aid Commission but you have never received any written information about the issue.

Fight Against Scams

  1. Write down as much information that you are given as possible regarding the individual's name and phone number preferably listed on your caller ID, job title, employer's name, and details of your conversation.

  2. Contact and alert the supervisor in the Financial Aid Office and explain that you may have spoken to a potential scam artist. The Financial Aid Office can make students aware and warn them about con artists.

  3. Contact your campus newspaper and get a story filed to warn other students.

  4. Always keep your personal financial information secure. The Financial Aid Office already knows your social security number and family financial situation and therefore will never ask for this type of information.

Last Published 12/21/16