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It is time to ask yourself five important questions!

1). Did you know that dropping ALL of your classes prior to the 60% point in a term means that the Financial Aid Office may ask you to return some or all of your financial aid payments? It's a federal law! - Section 485(a)(1)(F), 34 CFR 668.43.

2). Did you investigate the free resources listed under Information Desk, Available Services? Click on Support Services. Ask about a referral service. Community resource phone numbers and free tutoring services are listed in the Financial Aid Handbook.

3). Did you speak to a professional counselor or mentor about your particular issues? Often times when you are upset over a situation you cannot think clearly. Get a different perspective from a professional or mentor before taking action.

4). Did you know that citizens with a college degree earn a lot more money over their lifetime than other individuals that do not go to college or drop out of college?

5). Did you know that there is an official procedure for withdrawing from college? Take care of your business matters before you leave school. When you do want to return to college there are no surprises like an "F" on your transcript for failing to withdraw from classes properly.


Last Published 12/21/16