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EOPS Graduates- Spring 2016 


EOPS is a state-funded program designed to provide counseling, retention, and support services to students. The following services are available to current EOPS students:




  • Book vouchers are available for new EOPS students who are eligible.
  • May be used to purchased required textbooks from the El Camino College Bookstore.                    
  • EOPS Grants are awarded for continuing EOPS students.
  • EOPS Grants are received based on meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) per semester. 
  • EOPS students must have a financial need at the time the grant is awarded.                             





  • The counseling office is located in SSC-202.
  • Drop in counseling is available Monday and Tuesday.
  • 30-minute counseling appointments are available           Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.                                     
  • Transfer and career advisement services are located in SSC-205A. 
  • Receive assistance with career search and assessments.
  • Receive assistance with college applications and waivers to pay for applications.                                           





  • EOPS tutoring center is located in SSC-201.
  • Tutors can provide assistance in a wide variety of subjects. In addition, tutors can assist with studying techniques, review papers and help prepare for exams. 
  • Tutors are available Monday through Friday. For subjects and hours please click here.  
  • For additional tutoring services please click here.                                      
  • The EOPS computer lab is located in SSC-201, next to the EOPS counseling office.
  • The computer lab has eight computers ready to be used for assignments, online classes, and research.  
  • EOPS students can print up to 15 pages for free per day.                                                                                                                               




  • Exam supplies will be made available to all EOPS students during the week of midterms and finals only.
  • Exam supplies including Bluebooks and Scantrons will be handled by an EOPS peer mentor in SSC-202.
  • To qualify for exam supplies students must have made at least one contact with an EOPS counselor by midterms week and have all three contacts completed by the week of finals.                                                       
  • EOPS sash, cap, and gown are provided free of charge to EOPS students who participate in the commencement ceremony. 
  • EOPS students interested in receiving an EOPS sash, cap, and gown must see an EOPS counselor or adviser once they have received their approved Petition to Graduate from the college.                     



                                        Priority Registration                                                 Every EOPS students in good standing is able to register in the first tier of registration. 
                                        Probation Services                                  EOPS students who fall under academic probation should meet with an EOPS counselor or advisor to get back on track. 
                                        FAFSA Assistance                                                The EOPS tutorial lab offers assistance to complete the FAFSA application each year. 
Field trips EOPS offers cultural enrichment field trips during the semester. In addition, the EOPS program works in conjunction with El Camino College Transfer Center to send students on university tours. For additional information EOPS students should speak with an EOPS counselor or advisor. 


Last Published 9/25/17