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Matriculation is an on–going process which will help you attain success and achieve your educational goals. Starting at the moment you apply and continuing until you conclude your studies at El Camino College, the matriculation process is designed to help you match your interests, abilities, needs and goals with the college's courses, programs and services.

Matriculation services are intended to help you gain information about yourself and the college, and educational and career options available to you and to help you make informed decisions as you develop your educational plan.  Research indicates that students who complete the matriculation process earn higher grades, take more units and continue with college more than others do.


As a result of completing the in-person orientation, students will learn basic information regarding El Camino College's registration procedures and educational options offered through El Camino College.

Four Steps to Matriculation:

Step 1: Apply for Admission  in the Admissions Office.  Declare an educational goal such as program certificate, Associate degree, or transfer to a four–year college or university.

Step 2:Start Assessment in the Assessment/Testing Center, Room SSC 217 (upstairs from the Admissions Office).  Please take the English and Math placement tests.  If you have already completed college coursework in English and Math, you may clear prerequisites or corequisites or help determine placement into El Camino courses with either an official or unofficial transcript or official college grade report from your other college.

Step 3: Participate in Orientation with the Online Orientation through MyECC or in the Matriculation Group academic counseling sessions for students new to college.  Students will meet with a counselor in the Matriculation Groups to prepare an Educational Plan for the semester.  Students who complete Online Orientation must bring in the confirmation page to make a 30 minute counseling appointment for an Educational Plan.

Step 4: Meet with your counselor at least once a semester.  You can make an appointment in person or online via your MyECC account  to prepare or update your Educational Plan.  Academic, vocational, career and university transfer counseling is available to students.

You may enroll in classes without completing the four–step matriculation process.  "Express Counseling" (QUICK academic advisement) is available for all who apply for Admission; but, if you want to develop an Educational Plan, you need to make a counseling appointment.  Please complete Step 1 and Step 2 before you seek advisement or an academic counseling appointment.  Please consult with a counselor regarding prerequisites or corequisites for courses which have such a requirement.

 Last Published 3/20/14