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MATH TEST TOPICS (Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, and College-Level Math)


Whole Numbers and Fractions

Computation and estimation of operations with whole numbers
Addition and subtraction of fractions or mixed numbers
Multiplication involving fractions or mixed numbers
Division of a whole number by a fraction or mixed number
Division of a fraction/mixed number by a whole number, fraction, or mixed number
Mixed operations with whole numbers, fractions, and mixed numbers
Squares and square roots (whole numbers, fractions)
Recognition of equivalent fractions and mixed numbers
Estimation of sums, differences, products, and quotients that involve fractions or
mixed numbers

Decimals and Percents

Addition and subtraction of decimals
Multiplication of decimals by whole numbers other than powers of ten and by
Multiplication of a decimal by a power of ten
Division of a decimal by a whole number other than a power of ten or by a decimal
Division of a whole number by a decimal
Division of a decimal by a power of ten
Recognition of fraction, decimal, and percent equivalences
Ordering decimals, fractions, and percents; and rounding
Percent of a number
Percent one number is of another
A number when a percent of it is known
Squares and square roots (decimals)


Rate problems including ratio and proportion
Percent problems
Distribution of a quantity into fractional parts
Measurement problems
Problems related to graphs and tables


Integers and Rationals

Operations with signed numbers
Absolute value

Algebraic Expressions

Evaluating formulas and other algebraic expressions
Addition and subtraction of monomials and polynomials
Multiplication of monomials and polynomials
Positive rational roots and exponents
Squaring a binomial
Factoring difference of squares
Factoring ax2 + bx + c over the integers
Factoring polynomials that are not quadratics
Operations with algebraic fractions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and
Division of monomials and polynomials including simplification of algebraic fractions 

Equations, Inequalities, and Word Problems

Solving linear equations and inequalities
Systems of linear equations
Quadratic equations solution by factoring
Translating written phrases or sentences into algebraic expressions or equations
Solving verbal problems in an algebraic context including geometric reasoning


Algebraic Operations

Addition of algebraic fractions
Addition and subtraction of expressions involving absolute value
Operations with polynomials
Multiplication, division, and simplification of algebraic fractions
Operations with exponents
Powers, roots, radicals
Factoring quadratic expressions

Solution of Equations and Inequalities

Linear equations and inequalities
Quadratic equations
Systems of equations and inequalities
Exponential equations
Equations of degree greater than 2

Coordinate Geometry

The coordinate plane
Straight lines
Locus of points
Graphs of algebraic functions

Applications and Other Algebra Topics

Complex numbers
Series and Sequences
Permutations and combinations


Functions of degree greater than 2
Exponents and logarithms
Graphical properties, exponential and logarithmic functions
Domain and range
Composition of functions
Inverse functions
Computations with simple functions
Periodicity, amplitude, and other properties


Fundamental definitions of trig functions
Right triangle trigonometry and circular functions
Laws of sines and cosines
Graphs of trigonometric functions
Trigonometric equations and inequalities
Trigonometric identities
Trigonometric functions of two angles
Inverse trigonometric functions



Last Published 12/21/16