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Integers and Rationals

Operations with signed numbers
Absolute value

Algebraic Expressions

Evaluating formulas and other algebraic expressions
Addition and subtraction of monomials and polynomials
Multiplication of monomials and polynomials
Positive rational roots and exponents
Squaring a binomial
Factoring difference of squares
Factoring ax2 + bx + c over the integers
Factoring polynomials that are not quadratics
Operations with algebraic fractions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and
Division of monomials and polynomials including simplification of algebraic fractions

Equations, Inequalities, and Word Problems

Solving linear equations and inequalities
Systems of linear equations
Quadratic equations solution by factoring
Translating written phrases or sentences into algebraic expressions or equations
Solving verbal problems in an algebraic context including geometric reasoning


Last Published 12/21/16