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Fax directions:

Print and fill out the following form. Fax to (310) 660-3407. Your administrative appeal decision will be faxed back to the originating fax number.

E-mail directions:

Fill out the form and click on send ONCE. A confirmation will be sent back within 1 business day. If a confirmation was not received, fill and send out the form again. Your administrative appeal decision will be emailed back to the address given.


Contact Information

First Name:
Last Name:
Student ID Number:
Email Address:
Zip Code:
Phone Number:

Citation Information

Citation Number:
Type of Violation:
Date of Citation MM/DD/YY:
Location of Violation:    Lot Type:

Vehicle and Permit Information

License Plate Number:
License Plate State:
Parking Permit Number:
Permit Type:

Reason for Appeal (max length 255 characters):


Please be specific in explaining why you feel the citation should be dismissed.

Parking citations will not be recommended for dismissal for a lost or forgotten permit, improperly displayed permit, not knowing regulations, not displaying daily permits properly and/or seeing the signs. An administrative review request must be submitted in writing.



Last Published 4/20/17