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Everything below archived 1/7/04.

ATC is tasked with recommending CMS for ECC

The ATC has been tasked with making a recommendation by the end of March on a single Course Management System for the coming year. DEAC has already made a recommendation (Blackboard), but the ATC is also being asked to do so in order to ensure broader input.

We'll be calling a meeting for the 2nd week of the Spring semester. In the meantime, here are the statistics on Fall 2003 usage - at least the usage that goes through the CVC. The record for ETUDES is complete, since all ETUDES hosting is covered by CVC funds. But there are colleges that have struck independent deals with Blackboard and WebCT - and that do their own hosting. We don't have a count for them.


ETUDES (the Foothill College CMS) - in use by 25 colleges during Fall 2003. There were 18,241 student accounts. At some of those colleges, certain faculty were using another CMS. Foothill has said that 40 colleges are participating in ETUDES in some fashion, but some of those institutions subscribed to the "ETUDES Alliance (~$7,000) last year in order to hedge their bets for the future.

Blackboard - There were 357 courses being offered by 11 colleges using this CMS during Fall 2003, with a total of 9,128 student accounts.

WebCT - 17 Colleges used WebCT to deliver 643 courses. There were 15,489 student accounts statewide.

WebCT is likely still the leader, given the fact that there are districts using it outside the CVC framework. ETUDES is likely now in second place.

Academic Technology Software orders have been processed

The latest information we have is that requisitions were submitted just before the Christmas break for all items recommended for purchase by the ATC.   [1/6/04]

Surprise Reorganization of ECC Technology Committees!

A memo from President Fallo was distributed Tuesday, Oct. 7th, at the Dean's Council and at Academic Senate describing the new membership structure of the ATC and the ECCTC. Changes to the ECCTC are minor, but Council members and Senators expressed serious concern at the changes to the ATC.

The new ATC would consist of 5 members appointed by the Academic Senate and by the VP of Academic Affairs. However, due to the response by academic Deans and by the Senate, membership changes were limited to the addition of 3 new members: the Director of Humanities (new co-chair), Director of Special Resource Center, and Acting Director of Learning Resources Unit.   [1/6/04]

Academic Software Selected for Purchase

At the Oct. 3rd meeting, members of the ATC finalized prioritizing software requests for purchase this Fall.

Divisions began identifying critical software needs last Spring and were asked to prioritize those needs early this semester. Since then, ATC members have worked diligently to identify applications that are needed across the college so that savings can be found by purchasing in bulk.

Members are now working to pull together everything needed to submit requisitions. For more...

Audio Visual Equipment Bond Purchases Board Approved!

Agenda for the El Camino Community College District Board of Trustees for Measure "E" Bond Fund

Proposal for Content Managed Website Project

In Spring, 2003, the Academic Technology Committee developed a proposal for content management of the Academic Affairs website. At the request of the department responsible for the ECC website, the ATC proposal was broadened to apply to the entire public ECC website.

Although we have not seen it, we understand that in August or September a task force named by Cabinet submitted a proposal to Cabinet that included the following:
- contract with outside company to update ECC Website
- retain 40% fte website support staff (included in ATC proposal)
purchase or contract for software/service to facilitate and manage distributed responsibility for content editing (included in ATC proposal)
- at some time in future, set up consulting body (included as 1st step of ATC proposal)

No announcement has been made about when or how much of the task force proposal will be implemented.

ATC Content Managed Website Proposal draft

ECC Academic Resources Project

In Spring, 2003, the Academic Technology Committee began a long-term systematic review of academic resources across the college. This project first came about due to the need for up-to-date information to use in updating the College Technology Plan and in developing a more comprehensive and long-term view of costs in these times of budget reductions.
For more...

Digital Media Specialist Job announcement!!!

This is an example of a job description that might fit our needs here at El Camino. It's posted here for reference.

Sonoma State Univ. job announcement


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