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"Technologist, grant me...
the Serenity to accept that not everything can be found on the Internet...
the Courage to go to the Library...
and the Wisdom to evaluate the information I do find."
-- Doug Johnson
Johnsonís Little List of Library and Technology Laws

Final Prioritized Academic Software Requests (xls)

These files contain the final prioritized list of 04/05 academic software needs.

Please email or call Joe Georges (3686), Virginia Rapp (3773), or email Susie Dever for additional information.

• 2003 ATC Survey Forms for download

• 2003 ATC Survey Results

• Academic Software Acquisition White Paper (pdf file)

• Academic Software - Estimated Budget for 2003-04 (pdf file)

• ATC Home Page

ECC Academic Resources Project

In Spring, 2003, the Academic Technology Committee began a long-term systematic review of academic resources across the college. This project first came about due to the need for up-to-date information to use in updating the College Technology Plan and in developing a more comprehensive and long-term view of costs in these times of budget reductions.

The ATC decided to start by developing a comprehensive listing of academic resources used at the college. Surveys were created to collect information on Academic Software, Computer Labs, and Media Classrooms in use across the college. The ATC decided to first concentrate its efforts on collating information on academic software, and in particular software that must be relicensed for use in the 2003-04 year in order to meet college budget planning deadlines.

The project will continue in Fall, 2003. The focus will be on collecting information on computer labs and media classrooms, and gathering additional information on Academic software. Also in the 2003-04 year, a subcommittee will design a survey to collect information on non-computer academic equipment and other resources across the college.

Anticipated benefits -

· students and faculty will more readily be able to locate the academic resources they need
· students, faculty, and staff will be able to make more efficient use of college resources
· cost savings will accrue from pooling the purchase of academic resources, such as software licenses, across programs
· the college can more effectively budget for critical academic resource needs

In June, the Academic Software Acquisition White Paper and Estimated Budget for 2003/04 were presented to the college.

Click here for additional information on the ECC Academic Resources Project.



ATC Survey Forms

Download these Excel spreadsheets, work on them on your computer, and then email them back to Susie or Joe. You cannot work on them online.

Software Survey form
Computer Lab Survey form
Media Classroom Survey form

ATC Survey Results

(all Excel except where noted) - Please note that this data is still incomplete.

Software Surveys (9/03)-

Business Division Software
Fine Arts Software
• Humanities
• Health Science & Athletics
Industry & Technology Software
Learning Resources Software
Math & Computer Science Software
Natural Sciences Division Software

Special Resource Center/ECC Adaptive Access

Audio Visual Surveys -

Behavioral & Social Sciences AV (MS Word)
Natural Sciences Division AV