I went to pick it up in Tucson and we all went to work on it directly upon it return to El Camino College. Here is a picture of the blank in the back of my truck upon my return.  You can see the winch at the head of the truck bed that I have installed to pull the finished telescope in when we take it out observing.   In fact, I bought this truck to haul this telescope!

Here is a picture of us checking out the blank just after it returned to our optics shop at El Camino College.  From the left, that's Don, Jason, myself, and Joe.

And here is the all-important diameter measurement!  Answer:  42.4 inches.

 Here is a picture of some of us putting the initial bevel on the mirror blank. From the left, that would be Don, Jason, Joe, myself, and Dave Wright.

Then the grinding begins.  First on the edge because of a slight raised area on the front surface.  This is the ceremonial first grind picture.

And then real work begins.  That is Rick in front.

And here is a picture of Don Quok and Dave Wright starting to grind off the top layers of glass, while Jason supervises.

After a LOT of work removing 2.5mm of glass from the edge and even more from the center (to match the curve left by the ceramic cores -see the mirror fabrication section) to get through the oxidation layer and most of the bubbles; and to get close to our desired radius of curvature for the surface, we move on to smoothing with finer grits...