Physics 12       Fall 2016       Course Outline


Section 1346 meets on Wednesdays from 1:30 - 4:40 in Physics 101.


Instructor:  Perry Hacking; Office Planetarium; 660-3593 (x3245); Office Hours: Tuesdays - Thursdays 3:30-4:00; 5:30-6:00; Wednesdays 6-7.


Text:  Laboratory Manual for Introduction to Physics (El Camino College)


Prerequisites:  Physics 11 with a minimum grade of C or concurrent enrollment.


Labs:  We will perform 16  labs.  Your total lab work will be worth 150 points.  One of your labs will count towards extra credit. 


Grading:  I will total all of your points at the end of the semester to determine your grade.  The grade scale is as follows:


           each exam          for the course


           90 - 100   A       135 - 150  A

           80 - 89    B        120 - 134   B

           65 - 79    C        97 - 119     C

           50 - 64    D        75 - 96      D


Students who withdraw after _______  will receive a letter grade based on the entire semester's requirements. 


Preparation:  Read the lab and try to understand what we will be doing before class begins.  If you are confused by the concept of the lab or have already completed Physics 11, review the concepts involved in your text book.  See me if you are still confused.


About this course:  Learning about physics is learning about everything in nature.    And what better way to learn about nature than experimenting with it?  The exciting part about this course is that you will be learning about physics by discovering it in front of your eyes.  This is a lab course so each week we are going to conduct an experiment that will help you see and measure the physical principles involved. 


The official course objectives can be found at: Physics 12 Course Objectives and Student Learning Outcome


Advice:  Prepare for the labs in advance!  The most common mistake is showing up for class and trying to figure out what you are supposed to do as you do it.  You will probably not be able to finish the lab each week unless you already have a good idea about what you will be doing.  Come to my office hours to ask about the labs in advance if you are confuse. 


Disabilities:  If you have a documented disability and wish to discuss academic accommodations, please contact me as soon as possible..




Week                Lab

1.                      Introduction to the course.  Experiment 1

2.                      Experiment 10

3.                      Experiment 11

4.                      Experiment 12

5.                      Experiment 13

6.                      Experiment 14

7.                      Experiment 16

8.                      Experiment 17

9.                      Experiment 18

10.                    Experiment 21

11.                    Experiment 30

12.                    Experiment 31

13.                    Experiment 40

14.                    Experiment 50

15.                    Experiment 51

16.                    Experiment 60