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Anatomy & Physiology 34B


Download the lab worksheets below, follow the directions, and place your completed lab worksheets in your lab notebook.  Lab points will be earned for completed notebooks.

Anatomy & Physiology 34B

Margaret Steinberg

Unit 1 Assignments

Unit 2 Assignments

Unit 3 Assignments

Unit 4 Assignments

Unit 5 Assignments

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Unit 1 Lab Worksheets: 

- Special Senses Labs

- Endocrine Labs

- Endocrine Worksheet

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Unit 2 Lab Worksheets:

- Blood

- Heart Anatomy

- Heart EKG & Physiology

- Blood Vessels

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Unit 3 Lab Worksheets:

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Unit 4 Lab Worksheets:

- Lab 40 Urinary System

- Lab 41 Urinalysis

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Unit 5 Lab Worksheets:

- Lab 42 Reproductive System

- Embryology

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