Brad Bowerman's Geography World 

Maybe the best geographical site there is for the hundreds of Physical and Regional geography links: Land / Water and Erosion, Plate Tectonics, Continental Drift, Weather Climate, Ecosystems Biomes Conservation and Environment, Natural Resources and Energy, World Culture, Ancient Culture, U.S. and Canada Culture, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, World Geography. Maps / Globes (mapping skills), Time, Geography Games, Geography Research Tools...


Geography at 

Great list of resources, like a 1-stop website for all your geographical research needs and questions


Lonely Planet 

Great travel information, very good travel related maps, good links.


National Geographic 

A great site to match the reputation of the world's most famous geographical organization .


UNESCO World Heritage Sites

This site describes the 700+ places in the world that the United Nations has designated as having extraordinary cultural and/or natural significance. 

Country Studies, US Library of Congress

Yahoo - Country Links


CIA World Factbook 

Detailed maps and information on the nations of the world (as seen through the eyes of the CIA). Great starting point.


United Nations

Has some of the sharpest country maps available on the net, but not for every nation 


Geographia Country Facts

Planet Diary

Weekly coverage of astronomical, biological, environmental, geological, and meteorological news from around the globe. Especially useful is the Phenomena Backgrounders section which explain the science surrounding each event, provide links to local and up-to-the-minute information, and suggest online (and hands-on) activities.  Other sections at the site include Current Phenomena (for the latest geological, environmental, and meteorological news), Calendar (for upcoming events), and Universal Measurements (for tips on converting times and distances).


Virtual Field Trips

This site will link you to virtual field trips to locations all over the world


Maps of the Former Yugoslavia

A fine site from the BBC that clearly shows the changes of Yugoslavia through the 20th century.


List of all 192 Independent Countries of the world