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Biology Textbook





We are adopting a new textbook for the majors biology course series, Bio 101 and 102.

Russell, Hertz and McMillan. 2016. Biology: The Dynamic Science. 4th edition. Cengage Learning.


This book has been selected because it offers many online features that can help you increase your understanding of the material being covered, like:

- Readspeaker app: will read the chapter or selected section to you.

- Studyhub app: lets you make notes, highlight and bookmark sections of the chapter and keeps them together for you to review

-Each chapter has two folders with activities to evaluate your understanding and mastery of the subject.

After Class folder:

Conceptual Learning activity: Students who complete this activity earn better grades and are better prepared for class

Post-test: 15 questions to test what you have learned

Study Area folder:

Reading review activity: helps in reviewing key point of the chapter and learn the key terms

Study questions activity: questions designed to help students test what they know of the chapter

Media library and audio review: Convenient place for students to re-watch animations and videos on key points


We also have agreed with the publishing company on a special reduced price through ECC's bookstore. I suggest your purchase it through them. You will have two purchasing options:

Hard copy of the book with mintap access


mindtap access (e-book included)


Click here for a video on how to register for mindtap


To register for the course you are in, follow the links below:

Bio 101 Section 1151, click here

Bio 101 Section 1152, click here


If you need technical support, use this link that has been specifically created for us. Using this link will provide several advantages over the standard Technical Support site.



Last Published 2/9/17