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Week Day
Lecture Topic
Pre-class assignment   Lab Topic
1 Jun 19     Introduction to Science
  Jun 20 Water and Biomolecules   Cell Chemistry
  Jun 21 Cell types and cell parts   Microscope and Cells
  Jun 22 Cell membrane and transport   Cell Transport
2 Jun 26 Photosynthesis   Cell Respiration and Photosynthesis
  Jun 27 DNA   Gene expression
  Jun 28

Lecture TEST 1

concept map

concept list

Intro to Science thru Photosynthesis

    DNA technology *
  Jun 29 Cell cycle   Mitosis and Cell Cycle
3 Jul 3 Stem cells   Meiosis and Stem Cells
  Jul 4 HOLIDAY      
  Jul 5 Genetics   Genetics
  Jul 6

BIODIVERSITY: Bacteria, Achaea and Eukarya

Bacteria and Fungi   Bacteria and Fungi
4 Jul10

TEST 2 concept list

concept map

Gene Expression thru Bacteria and Fungi

    Evolution *
  Jul 11


Protista   Protista
  Jul 12 Plants   Mosses and Ferns
  Jul 13 Speciation   Gymnosperms and Angiosperms
5 Jul 17


  Porifera and Cnidaria


  Jul 18

Worms and evolution


Platyhelminthes, Nematoda and Annelida

  Jul 19

Ecology of Populations


  Jul 20

TEST 3 concept list

Evolution, Biodiversity (protista and plants)

6 Jul 24

Ecology of Communities

Community   Arthropoda
  Jul 25 Ecosystems   Echinodermata
  Jul 26 Chordates   Chordata
  Jul 27

TEST 4 concept list

Ecology and Kingdom Animalia

    Extra Credit Project: Cabrillo Aquarium (admission stamp required on handout)




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