BIO 10










You will be treated with respect and it is expected that you do so to other colleagues and instructors.

You are responsible for the material we cover in class, assignments and assigned readings, as well as for reading and following the course instructions and policies outlined here.

I reserve the right to change the schedule and evaluation system for the class with previous notification to students during class. Changes will be updated in this website.

Students with disabilities or medical problems should discuss their needs with the instructor during the first week of class.

Turn off all cell phones and pagers while in class. If there is any reason why you absolutely need to have your cell phone or pager on during class, please notify the instructor during the first week of class.

TARDINESS: plan to arrive on campus well in advance of your scheduled class. Students walking in late are very disruptive to the lectures, and this behavior is inconsiderate to your peers.

Attendance will be taken at the end of each lab or lecture period. You are responsible for sign in and you are not allowed to sign in for somebody else.

You are expected to bring the following items everyday to class: lecture text book, CD, and the lab handout that is currently being used. Optional items include headphones if you do not wish to use the ones provided by the instructor and color pencils (will come in handy for some of the labs).





Home assignments, lectures notes and labs notes will be available to you on this course's website.

You are responsible to find a computer (your own or El Camino's), that has all the programs installed necessary to view these websites and the animations. Plan ahead and accordingly, so that you do not miss assignments because of not begin able to view the websites or animations.

El Camino offers several computer labs for student use, but not all have the same software. The computer lab on MCS-6 should have all the programs installed that we will use in this course.





Assignments, reports and projects are due at the beginning of the assigned date.

Assignments will be handed in person and CAN NOT be emailed.

Assignments handed in at the beginning of the class will receive full credit. Late assignments will not be eligible for full credit.




You are required to complete the assigned lab exercises during each lab period.

You are responsible to show your completed lab exercises to the instructor at the end of the lab period or the following lecture day. Late labs will not be eligible for full credit.

Missed labs can not be made up.



Test attendance is mandatory. A missed examination will result in a zero grade for that test. To be excused from a test you must present a request one week before the test and show written proof (for example a doctor�s note).

No electronic devices, including dictionaries and cell phones, will be allowed during tests.

Cheating of any form will NOT be tolerated and will result in the following actions:

- Student gets a 0 on the test

- Student will be reported to the El Camino College for violation of student conduct.



Last Published 2/1/17