Note:  Just because a handout has the notation "done in class" does not mean it was done in class THIS semester!  It probably was, or will be, but maybe not.

Chapter One  

Chapter Two 

Here are the handouts from Chapter Two   A   B   C   D   

Chapter Three

Here are some examples (done in class) for 3.1 - 3.3

Here are some examples (done in class) for 3.4  

Here is a sample test for Ch. 2 & 3.

Here are answers for the sample test above. (The answer to #5 is incorrect.  The tension is cable A should be 5.96 kN.) (These are answers, not solutions.  If you want solutions, come to class.)   

Chapter Four

Here are examples from 4.1 - 4.4

Here is problem 4-38

Here are examples from 4.5 and 4.6

More examples from 4.6

Here are examples from 4.7   

Here are examples from 4.8

Here are the examples from 4.9 I did in class

Here are some examples of distributed loads that I did NOT do in class.  They are pretty easy.  I did the first one 3 different ways, just for fun.  (The pages referred to on the handouts are not from our textbook.)

Chapter Five

Problem 5-36

Here are some problems from sections 5.5, 5.6, & 5.7 worked out.  The FBDs are a bit hard to see in spots, particularly the coordinate axes, but they are in the same positions as shown in the problem statement.

Problem 5-80             A 3-D problem not from our current text       Another 3-D problem not from our current text   

 Problem 5-72 (13th edition)       Problem 5-71 (12th edition) 

Here is a Sample Test for Exam #2.  You may have seen most of the problems before as they are on some of the old posted sample tests.  I am sorry about the weird numbering on the exam (three problems #4), but you can get weird numbering or I can fix it and post the sample test after you have taken the exam.

Here are the solutions for the Sample Test #2 above.    


Chapter Six

Method of Joints

Here is the homework problem due on Monday, April 24, 2017.

Here is an example of the Method of Joints that was NOT done in class.   (It is pretty easy.)

Here is a copy of one of the problems (not the solution) we did in class.   

Method of Sections

Chapter Seven

Here are the homework problems due by Thursday, May 18, 2017.   Section 7.1 problem   Section 7.2 problem   Section 7.3 problem  

Here are some examples of shear and bending moment diagrams.  I didn't actually do all of the things requested in the problem (such as finding the maximum bending moment).  The first example is one that I think I did in class.  The second example is one that I do not think I did in class.  

Here are the solutions (maybe) of the third exam.  NOT GUARANTEED TO BE CORRECT.  

Chapter Eight

Problem 8-70 answers (Remember, we did most of it in class, but didn't solve the equations because we ran out of time.  These are just the solutions to those equations, not the equations themselves or the set up of the problem.)

Here is an example of a basic dry friction problem.  It isn't from our textbook.  I was pretty tired when I worked it out and typed it up, so I hope there aren't any errors or typos. (Oops.  The slip is impending, not impeding.  Also I refer to a cable and a cord, but they are the same entity. Oh, and at the very end I typed in an = instead of a -.  It's pretty obvious.)

Here are some examples of square-threaded screws.


Chapter Nine

Examples for 9.1

Examples for 9.2

Instructions for the Toy Block Project, due May 12 (or 13 or 14), 2016

Here is a sample final exam.  Your exam may or may not resemble this.


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