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Here is a handout on translations of graphs (as in 2.6).  Some of the functions are ones with which you are not (yet) familiar.  You can ignore the exponential functions (ones with ex in them) and logarithmic functions (ones with lnx or logx in them) and trigonometric functions (ones with sinx, or cosx in them).  Also, the graphs in the handouts do not have their axes labeled, but you can assume that the horizontal axis is the x-axis and the vertical axis is the y-axis.  Also, you may assume that each "tick mark" represents one unit.

Linear System of 3 Equations

Applications of Linear Systems


Linear Inequalities Word Problems    


Interval Notation (4.1 and/or 4.2) 

Systems of Linear Inequalities


Chapter 7 Stuff

 Rules for Exponents and Radicals   

Merging Exponents and Roots (homework due )

Radical Equations

Extra Credit on Radicals and Roots  



Chapter 8 Stuff

Completing the Square

Quadratic Word Problems

Quadratic Graphs

Parabola Examples 

Quadratic and Other Non-linear Inequalities 


Chapter 9 Stuff

Inverse Function Handout (9.2)

Inverse Function Homework  (9.2)

Exponential Problems I  (9.3)

Exponential Problems II  (9.3 & 9.4)


Logarithm Problems I (9.8)

Logarithm Problems II (Word Problems) (9.8)



Chapter 10 Stuff

Short Conics Handout (10.1, 10.2, 10.3) 

Hyperbola Example  

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