2. The New Imperialism: Africa and

    South Asia


I. The New Imperialism vs. the Old


    A. The New Imperialism

            - refers to the European conquest and

                subjugation of vast tracts of land

                and indigenous people primarily in

                Asia and Africa in the late19th century


     B. Undeveloped territories were more

          thoroughly penetrated and dominated

            1) economic investment was heavier

                 and more direct


            2) To secure investments military and

                 political domination was established

                        a) Colonies > Africa

                             - by 1902 > 90% of the

                                African continent will be



                        b) Protectorates > India

                             - 1858 control over India

                                 passed from the East India

                                Company to England

                             - 3,500 British civil servants
                                 and 500,000 Indians ruled

                                 300 million people


                        c) Spheres of Influence > China


II. Reasons for the New Imperialism

     A. Economic

            1) J. A. Hobson (1902)

                - argued that Imperialism was the

                    results of unregulated capitalism

                    and benefited only a few


            2) Lenin (1916)

                 - agreed with Hobson and argued that

                     the only way to do away with

                     Imperialism was to do away with


     B. Political

            - deemed important to national security

                 and the maintenance of the balance

                 of power in Europe

                        - Fashoda Incident (1898)


     C. Jingoism

            - Social Darwinism

            - helped support Imperialism and

                 intensified national rivalries


     D. Missionary

            - desire to spread Christianity


     E. White Manís Burden


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