History 145 - World Religions                                                                                                   

Spring 2016

Dr. Florence M. Baker


Midterm Exam


Take home exam is due in class on Wednesday, March 9.


Your exam consists of a short paper of about 4 to 5 typewritten pages (double-spaced) in length. It should be written clearly and concisely, and developed logically with evidence or examples to support your statements. When citing evidence or an example be sure to explain how it supports your point. Do not use direct quotes; paraphrase and cite the source of your information. And be sure to answer all parts of the question.



-- Review your handout on Guidelines for Writing Exams.

- This is not a research assignment you are to use only class readings, handouts, videos and lectures which provide sufficient material to answer the questions.

- Cheating and plagiarism (using the words or ideas of others as if they were your own) will not be tolerated.

- You are responsible to keep a copy of all work submitted to the instructor.


Questions: Answer both questions.


1. Answer the questions below for Judaism (Orthodox, Reform) and Christianity (Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant).

> What were the origins?

> How did the religion spread?

> How did its major divisions come about?


2. Identify two major historical events from two different time periods (Early, Medieval, Early Modern and Modern periods) that impacted each of the following religious communities, and explain how each community responded:

> Judaism

> Christianity


(Note: this question concerns historical events that occurred after the religion had been established      and how the event impacted the adherents of the religion and their response.)