1. Regular attendance is expected, at the least because regular attendance will contribute to the success of this class for us all. I reserve the right to drop from the class any student whose absence exceeds 3 consecutive class days, or a total of 5 class days. However, my right to drop a student under the conditions described above does not mean that I will drop any student. If you know that you need to drop this class or will simply be "letting it go," it is your responsibility to ensure that you are properly dropped. Any student who has not officially dropped the course before the "last day to withdraw with a W" must be assigned a regular grade.

Last day to withdraw with a refund and no notation on your transcript: Friday, Feb 22
Last day to withdraw with no notation on your transcript: Friday, March 7
Last day to withdraw with a "W": Friday, May 9

2. Generally, no debate Audience Participation Reports (i.e., those all non-presenting students are required to submit during group presentations) will be accepted late, or in handwritten format, with the following two exceptions:

a. Those who must miss a class debate day for documented and/or prearranged reasons must turn in their reports through email by 9:30 am of that same day, and will lose the opportunity to complete the last in-class portion of their report.

b. All students may use the "NQA" form to turn in one late Participation Report. Should you exercise this option, you still must complete the in-class portion of the report in class, after the debate is over.

3. No late or hand-written reflection papers will be accepted.

4. Make-up exams are possible for documented problems or emergencies beyond student control. For each exam (if necessary) there will be one specific makeup date I will arrange. While I will consider all affected schedules, there is no guarantee that this makeup date will accomodate the schedule of any one student, and there is no recourse beyond this makeup date/time to take exams.

5. Leaving and returning during any exam is not permitted. If you do leave during these times, your work will be collected and graded “as is”: there are no exceptions to this rule.

6. I take ECC's plagarism policy very seriously. All plagarized assignments will receive a grade of "0"; there is no possibility of making up a plagarized assignment. All students who have been identified as submitting a plagarized work will receive no extra consideration for the duration of the class regarding absences, lateness, being "just one point" from a desired grade, etc. A clear and user-friendly summary of avoiding plagarism can be found at Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL) at