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Written by: David Vakil 
Website last updated: Monday, January 9, 2012 at 6:15 pm.


  1. Presentations given by David Vakil at ECC or other institutions.
  2. ECC Clickers - where clickers can be found, brief description of types of clickers on campus.
  3. Compton clickers - Compton has eight sets of 40 RF-LCD clickers for general use plus 3 sets of 50 RF-LCD clickers for the Health and Human Services (Nursing/Child Development) division. See the Participant list page and for more information about clickers, see the ECC Clickers page.
  4. Checkout process - For places where clickers are shared among many teachers/facilitators, I strongly urge you to create a checkout and return process. Here's a possible template for a checkout form for division offices. Excel. PDF.
  5. Participant list files for ECC clickers - very useful if you plan to assign an ECC clicker to a student, and have the student use the same clicker each time.
  6. Training Videos and other "Getting Started" info.


These files and links may also be helpful:

  1. Sample clicker contract for students to sign when using an ECC clicker. Word. PDF.
  2. Clicker signup sheet to pass around in class for students to fill in.Word. PDF.
  3. Using the XR model clickers - for students (4 pages). Word. PDF.

Tips for Using Clickers

  1. Read the tips at this link from Doug Duncan, one of the clicker pioneers and author of a teaching book about clickers. Here is a link to the book.


Articles and Links about Clickers

  1. This link shows MANY videos from a clicker conference. Expect to find many pearls of wisdom.
  2. Article about different institutional adoption models (class kits vs. two types of student-buys) and some of the impacts of each model. Authors recommend classroom kits based on their finds.
  3. Clickers and cheating, from the Chronicle of Higher Education.
  4. Article about clickers in a peer-review writing seminar course from Chronicle.com.
  5. Article in the Orange County Register on May 28 (published May 30), 2010 at Oak Middle School.
  6. Quick video about why you should use clickers from University of Colorado.
  7. Seven things you should know about clickers. PDF.
  8. Best practices - clickers in large classes. From Life Sciences Education. PDF.
  9. Clickers vs. flashcards. From The Physics Teacher, published by the peer instruction innovative Eric Mazur group at Harvard. PDF.
  10. Why you should use clickers - newspaper article from Mazur group. PDF.
  11. Study of Student Learning using clickers. From Life Sciences Education. PDF.
  12. Motivating students to learn by how you score their clicker results. From Astronomy Education Review. PDF.
  13. Analysis of clicker impact on David Vakil's astronomy & physics classes. From ECC's Institutional Research. Word. PDF.


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