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Contact Info:

Email: dvakil "at" elcamino "dot" eduDavid Vakil
Office Phone: 310-900-1600 x2250

Please note: I have changed jobs and am now the Interim Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at the Compton Center. Currently, I have no expected "return" date to be faculty.

Fax: 310-900-1679

Skype contact name: david.vakil (rarely checked now)

Facebook profile: DeanDavid Vakil

Office Hours:

Office hours: I do not currently have formal office hours.However, I can reached via the contact info above.

You are welcome to try reaching me by Skype or by appointment or just stop by my office at the Compton Center.

Location: Compton Center, Foundation Trailer



If you are looking for my old web page, with astronomy related links in this section, click here.

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