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Math 180 Information:             Syllabus           Tentative Schedule

 Fall '17 Section 0860  Room: MBA 112  Time:  MTWTh 7:00am-8:10am


Announcements/Info:         TI instructions   


9/26: Ch 4a quiz tomorrow will be on 4.1/4.2/4.6 work that we did on exponentials.  Finding the equation of an exponential growth or decay.


Grades are based on a points: (See syllabus for more details)

Homework = 40 points each
Quizzes = 20 points each
Class Activities = 10 points
Exams = 300 points each
Final Exam = 500 points 
Must earn 65% on final exam.   Grades will be rounded up if Final exam is the higher of the two grades AND 80% of HW and CA have been completed.    
Tentative Schedule:




October        M      16          3.3               Dividing polynomials    

                 T      17         10.7                  Partial Fractions

                 W     18         Ch 10               10.7 continued & Using Calculator to solve systems         Quiz 10.4, 3.3

                 Th    19         3.6                    Graphing Rational Functions – using polynomial division

                                      (10/19  Last day to apply for spring degree/ certificates)


                 M      23         3.6               Continued        

                 T      24         11.1                  Parabolas

                 W     25         11.2                  Ellipses                                     Quiz:   10.7, 3.6

                 Th    26         11.3                  Hyperbolas


                 M      30         11.4             Shifted Conics                          Quiz: Ch 11

                 T      31         Review

November W     1          Exam 3             HW Packet 3 Due

                 Th    2          12.1                  Sequences & Summation Notation





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Instructions for video portions of the assignments:  Scroll down to “Training Videos” on the course webpage.  Then look under the appropriate chapter for the video.  Take notes while watching the videos.  For some videos fill-in notes are provided (by clicking on the link and printing.  For the first few I have printed these out, but after that you will need to print your own using the link.)  For videos without fill-in notes provided you need to do your own notes or answer a response question.  If there are no instructions next to the video then take notes on the video and write the definition/description of the main concepts. Turn this in with your HW.  Be sure to write the TITLE of each video above EACH of your video notes.

HW Notes: For selected sections you will be reading the text and filling out notes and answering self-check questions.  Turn these in with the HW.

Instructions for Vocabulary: Make a list of pertinent vocabulary for EVERY section of HW that you turn in. Do this for each NEW section covered in the HW.  Be sure to label what section EACH vocabulary is from.  (You do not need to redo vocabulary for sections already covered on previous HW.)

General HW instructions Be sure to read the general HW instructions to avoid losing points.


Math 180 Homework Fall 2017 - The HW will be posted here according to the date it was assigned.  All HW for packet 2 will be collected on the day of Exam 2.


HW PACKET 1 (link to assignments)


HW Packet #2


HW Packet #3:


10.4   4, 9, 11, 13, 53, 57

video: Evaluating 2x2 determinant

10.6    5, 7, 14



10.4   10, 15

3.3   3, 8, 17, 19, 66



3.3   2, 7, 21 53, 55

10.7   1, 5, 6, 13, 19, 21


10/18 (not finalized)

videos: partial fractions in 5 min

[optional video: identifying types of partial fractions ]

Partial fraction problem that require long division: A, B, C  (Click on link to see the problems)

10.7  16

10.3  Use augmented matricies and your calculator to solve: 31, 43, 57, 59

10.6  Use calculator:   21, 31 


10/19 (not finalized)

10.3   65, 73  (use calculator)

Partial Fraction Problems D & E: Find the partial fraction decomposition  (click on link) 

3.6   ____________

10.7  23, 27 




OTHER VIDEOS for later or for review:


Ch 3

Longhand division of polynomials  video 1, video 2, video 3

Videos:  Synthetic division of polynomials

Graphing polynomial functions

Finding Zeros and their multiplicity

How to think through finding zeros of polynomials

End behavior of polynomial graphs

Domain and Range from a Graph

Rational Zero Theorem

Finding all zeros of polynomial

Descartes' Rule of signs

Secondary Descartes' rules of signs video

Upper and lower bounds for zeros of polynomials

Ch 4

 Finding equation of exponential using the graph

Graphing basic logarithmic Equations 

Ch 10

10.7 - Partial Fractions

partial fractions in 5 min


partial fractions as used for calculus

Quadratic factors

repeated linear factors

identifying types of partial fractions

cover-up rule for quick partial fractions


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Course Material:

*Precalculus-Mathematics for Calculus, 7th Edition, Stewart/Redlin/Watson, 2016, Brooks/Cole (Cengage) 

*TI-84 Plus (TI 86 and TI 89 not allowed. There will be no sharing of calculators during exams, nor substitution via other types of calculators, your calculator must ONLY be a calculator and have no internet access options. You must have this calculator to perform operations in class and to practice the work at home to become proficient. See me if you need help getting a calculator).

*Three-ring binder to keep track of  Class Activity Work and handouts.

Optional materials:  TI-84 user help: http://mathbits.com/mathbits/TISection/Openpage.htm.

 Calculator Help:

Class Lecture 2017: 


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Online Resources:


 2x2 augmented Matricies

Evaluating piecewise defined functions

How to graph piecewise defined functions on TI 84

Finding inverse of function (lesson with one-to-one intro, 12:52)

Finding inverse function (Khan, 7:01)

Finding inverse (quick version, 2:32)



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