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These "tips" are provided to help you prepare for the interview at the U.S. Consulate office:

There are five basic requirements for an F-1 student visa:

  1. Proof of acceptance by an INS approved school for a certificate or a degree course (form I-20)
  2. Have sufficient English skills to complete their studies, or
  3. Show that the school will provide them with adequate intensive English training.
  4. Show evidence that you have enough money to pay for your school fees and living expenses, and
  5. Show that you will return to your own country once you have completed your studies.

What are the procedures for applying for a student visa?

The first step is for you or a representative to pay the SEVIS Fee of $200 (Form I-901 – instructions are enclosed with your acceptance letter).  The next step is to make an appointment at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate General for your interview.  You should plan early, since there may be a waiting period of a few weeks between your appointment and the interview itself.

When you appear for the actual interview, you should bring with you your passport, the visa application form, one 1.5” photo, the I-20 Form issued by the school that accepted you, your acceptance letter, originals and photocopies of your financial support documents, and your examination and school results and the SEVIS Fee receipt (form I-901).

Here are five tips for getting your Student Visa:

  1. Wear a business suit or dress
  2. Be specific when you answer questions
  3. Bring bank statements or proof of employment
  4. Provide details of your study plans
  5. Tell the truth

“Not Intending To Immigrate”

You must prove that you do not have “immigration intent.”  Failure to prove to the satisfaction of the visa officer that you will return to your country is the most common reason for having a visa denied.

  • Try to collect documents to help prove that you will return.
  • You should have a specific academic or professional objective.
  • Be prepared to explain why it is better to study in a specific field in the United States than to study at home.

You will find out at the end of the interview whether or not your application has been approved.  If you are granted the visa, you will have to return a few days later to pick up your passport that will have the photocopies of your financial documents attached.  You will need these when you enter the United States.  The name of your school will be written on your visa.  If you decide to attend a different school, you must re-apply for a new visa.

If your application is denied, your passport will be stamped “application received” and you will not be able to apply again for three weeks.  You should ask the visa officer for the specific reason why you were denied.  You may apply again only if you have new evidence to support your application.

Useful web site:  - Here you will find fax and telephone numbers for the U.S. Embassy in your country.


Last Published 12/21/16