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Although the current state fiscal situation has caused the Inglewood Center to close its doors, the services previously offered at the El Camino College Inglewood Center continue to be offered to residents throughout the entire El Camino Community College District.

The staff members of the El Camino College Inglewood Center wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to you: our students, clients, colleagues, partners, and our friends for your loyalty, support, partnership, friendship and encouragement.

El Camino College continues to offer a variety of classes and activities available to residents throughout the District. Visit our website, or click on the links below.

Students and community members may:
Apply for admission

Apply for Financial Aid

Take an El Camino College Community Education course:
El Camino College’s Community Education classes as well as our very own Kids College at

Access a computer lab at your local city library via these city websites
City of El Segundo
City of Gardena
City of Hawthorne
City of Hermosa Beach
City of Inglewood
City of Lawndale
City of Manhattan Beach
City of Redondo Beach
City of Los Angeles
Los Angeles County

Access a computer lab in your community:
Locate your local One-Stop or Worksource Center by visiting and access a computer lab (limited to job related activities only) as well as other employment services.

 Last Published 8/6/13