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J. Michael Walker presents an exuberant collection of images inspired by his admiration and love of women. El Camino College Art Gallery is proud to present more than 30 works, including large-scale color pencil drawings, frescos, digital prints, sumi-ink paint ings, lithographs, repousse, and documentation of Walker's public art pieces.

Replete with historical reference to religious iconography of Latin American, Walker's works draw us into a world of magic and reverence. �Some thirty-four years ago, an unlikely convergence of good fortune and divine providence dropped me out of the Oklahoma skies and into a remote village in the Sierra Tarahumara of northern Mexico, where I was spiritually and culturally transformed by the light, and the life, the landscape and the languages; and by the lovely young woman who became my wife, Mimi � in a very real sense all the artwork I've created since then is a falling-short expression of gratitude for that blessed bump on the head, and an attempt to come to grips with the spiritual essence of our existence.�

Although he was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas, Walker feels �more Latino than not�. He studied art and philosophy in college, then left school in 1974 to do volunteer work in the Copper Canyon area of Mexico where he met his wife and discovered a deep affinity with Catholic spirituality and culture. His subsequent paintings, drawings and prints are imbued with a sense of mystery and exhilaration, a sort of vision in which individuals assume archetypal importance.

J. Michael Walker and his wife currently reside in Los Angeles where he has worked full-time as an artist for the last twenty years. Among his artistic accomplishments is a large body of work depicting the history and visages of the saints who gave Los Angeles streets many of its most be loved names, including Santa Monica, San Pedro, and San Julian, to name a few. This work has been the subject of a wildly successful exhibition and book, titled All the Saints of the City of the Angels, which has been on view at the Autry National Center in Los Angeles since February 2008, and which moves to Our Lady of Angels Cathedral in November. Additionally Walker has completed a series of bus shelter installations, initiated art programs for battered and homeless women, and participated in numerous solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

Curator El Camino College Art Gallery

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Arreglandose - Getting Ready

Retrato de Alejandra

nuestra madre celestial

Mimi in a White Hat


Las Geisha Mermaids

Las Geisha Mermaids

Imagen de la Virgen Maria

Midafternoon at Her Embroidery

Portrait of Xitlaly


Our Lady of Roses

Letter From Her Son

Our Lady of the Open Hand,
St. Bridget of Los Angeles

Planchando, Pensando - Ironing, Thinking
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