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Unus Mundus from the digital to the sublime

Works by: Jean-Pierre Hebert and Victor Raphael
January 29 - February 23, 2001
Reception: Thursday, February 1, 7-9 pm
Lecture: Artists will speak about their work on Thursday, Feb. 8 at 12:30pm in Art Room 103

Human beings appear to have an innate need to understand existence. It is a mystery inborn to dealing with matter. Who we are, our origins, and how we live in proximity to the above and the below, pique the curious mind. Unus Mundus or one world is a concept in which elements are both separate and at the same time united. In this world there is no disharmony. The inner world of fantasy, imagination and dreams crosses over into outer events. Fragments can be seen as both part of a whole (microcosms) and as the whole itself (macrocosms).

Along comes the artist who in individual ways shows us the underlying pulse of the universe. As creator, an artist can emulate the divine plan through fabrication or reveal nature as it is already present. In the past, images have been portrayed through pigment and stone. Contemporary times have brought forth the computer and the ability to digitally manipulate the visual. Here, artists speak through codes and numbers- perhaps a slight of hand in relation to the gesture.

El Camino College Art Gallery is pleased to present the work of internationally exhibited artists, Jean-Pierre Hebert and Victor Raphael in Unus Mundus: from digital to sublime � January 29 � February 23, 2001. Both artists utilize the computer as a tool to evoke the order and structure behind internal and external life.

Victor Raphael moves between Polaroids (often of NASA images beamed back from space), painting embellished with metal leaf, and digital technology to achieve a body of work investigating space fields. Raphael says, this work explores the relationship of the infinitely small to the infinitely large, of the microscopic to the macroscopic. Our capacity to comprehend these aspects of the universe suggests a profound connection with creation. Within the range of work shown in this exhibition, we travel from photographs that imply exploding galaxies, star clusters and black holes to paintings that depict worlds beyond our reach.

French-born Jean-Pierre Hebert, trained as a mathematician, travels the road between structure and spirit. In his body of work, number becomes the common ordering factor bridging the psyche and the material world. Through mathematical calculation, Hebert translates Zen-like ideas into exquisite drawings and sculpture. A mechanical device produces these works: the plotter, which is driven by a computer, intricately programmed by the artist. Flexible lines and innumerable points create threadlike planes, which suggest mandalas, sensual body parts and minimal landscapes.

This exhibition also affords an opportunity for collaboration between these two artists, achieving dialogue through their art in terms of both methods and ideas. The act of solitary creation, which leads to exchange, continues the process of matter being transformed from one state into another, thus instigating a union of intent and the unexpected. Unus Mundus

Susanna Meiers and Nancy Mozur

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