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El Camino College Art Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of

Time Out of Mind presents figurative works in clay by Lucy Ann Baker-Holdmann, Elaine Carhartt, Susan Elizalde-Holler, Karen Koblitz and Gina Lawson-Egan. Filtered through the sieve of individual experience, this exhibition presents works in which the human figure acts as a vessel for spirit. Clay, the prime material, is the perfect substance to embody psychic matter, for we are the stuff of this earth.

In ancient Egypt, Ptah, the god who was credited with invention of the arts, was also envisioned as the sculptor of the earth who crafted all beings on a potter’s wheel. In this mythic spirit, Baker-Holdmann, Carhartt, Elizalde-Holler, Koblitz and Lawson-Egan individually create figures that illustrate the parameters of their interior worlds. Through their earthen beings we experience altered sense of time and place and come to understand the ability of the individual to, in effect, create his/her own reality.

Please join us in a reception for the artists. Walk among the figures and experience the worlds called forth by their presence.

Curator El Camino College Art Gallery


The works of Lucy Ann Baker-Holdmann are divided into two main groups – Circus People and Family Portraits. In both arenas Baker uses the human form as a larger than life depiction of archetypal qualities.

Baker-Holdmann says that her circus people represent gods and goddesses as well as outsiders. "These figures must be isolated from society in order to be respected as other. They must be set apart like Shaman or even priests."

In her family portraits she deifies her father as The Father and her mother as The Mother, incorporating the psychological premise that people establish relationship to the world within their immediate families.

Passport Photo: In Preparation for
the Journey
, ceramic sculpture
36" x 27" x 27"

Regeneration: The Beginning of Happily
Ever After
, group of ceramic portrait busts
each set 26" x 2 'x 3'


Standing Figure

glazed ceramic
49" x 29" x 14"

Seated Figure
glazed ceramic
44" x 24" x 22"


Odd and winsome, the polychrome ceramic (4’) figures of Elaine Carhartt evoke fantasies of circus performers of the Middle Ages. The people in her realm are mythic, albeit humorous folk. One can almost hear laughter ripple around these shy and questioning beings. Additionally, Carhartt presents a delectable series of tales or parables painted on rectangular wall tiles.




The minimal figures of Susan Elizalde-Holler are startling in their simultaneous sense of restraint and resilience. She hones her figures to Cycladic simplicity, attaining an essential purity of form.

clay and acrylic
19" x 6" x 5

Despite occasional groupings, the figures proffer a sense of the inevitability of solitude. While the influence of pre-Columbian Meso-America, is present in Elizalde-Holler’s work, her very contemporary wit is definitely her own.

clay and acrylic
79.5" x 7.5" x 7.5"


Globalization is the only word which can adequately describe the Apothecary Fairy Tale Jars; Tree of Life for My Daughter and giant urns bearing images of Santa Caterina of Deruta by Karen Koblitz. She draws upon sources for surface decoration as varied as European fairy tales, elements of Islamic design, Maiolica and images from popular culture. She weds her surfaces with forms, both historical and original.

Santa Caterina of Deruta #2
low fire clay and glaze
35" x 13" x 9"; 1997

Apothecary Fairy Tale Jars
9.75" x 12.5" ; 1999


The polychrome figures and painted platters of Gina Lawson-Egan with their stubby birds and oversized feet stand somewhere between folk art and Miro. Lawson-Egan is a master in delight. Her work is inspired by daily surroundings.

Knees to Chin
, ceramic
13" x 17" x 7", 2001

Her work is inspired by daily surroundings. Her "family, animals and garden become whimsical archetypes through which she explores feelings of comfort, love, companionship, conflict and solitude."

The Stillness of Comfort
, ceramic
26" x 23" x 18", 1998

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