On behalf of El Camino College I wish to welcome Deborah Lefkowitz, installation artist and filmmaker, to El Camino College Art Gallery. It is a pleasure to work with an artist of such exceptional focus and intensity and to host her exquisite installation Shadow Pieces.
Utilizing multiple, fluctuating black and white photographic images projected upon geometric forms, Lefkowitz explores and interprets the passage of time.
As the visitor enters the gallery space, s/he becomes an integral element of the installation, moving in and out of light, becoming one moment screen, the next, observer. In perambulating the darkened space, the participant senses the passage of time through sequences of constantly shifting images.

This exhibition has some highly technical aspects and would not have been possible to mount without the generous assistance of a number of individuals at El Camino College. Many thanks to Roger Quadhamer, Dean of the Fine Arts Department, and Nadine Hata, Vice President of Academic Affairs, for their unstinting support of the exhibition. Much gratitude to Rocky Ortiz, Production Services Supervisor, for the many ways in which she facilitated the production of this catalogue. Thanks also to John Ince, Sonshine Print Shop, and Isabel Bocanegra and Jonathan Green, Crestec Los Angeles, for their help in printing the catalogue. Much appreciation to Michael Miller for his advice, installation expertise, and patience and to the gallery crew for the long hours they worked to make this exhibit a reality. Thank you!
Last and most importantly many thanks to Deborah Lefkowitz for her inspiration and her creation of this beautiful exhibition.

Susanna Meiers, Curator
El Camino College Art Gallery

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 Last Updated On: 1/13/06