R.L. Puo and Lois A. Pio
"Guest Book with
Clam Shell Box"
Japanese book cloth, Italian paper, somerset text block with pierced block of Japanese fabrics
Edna Wright
"French Tight Back
Leather Binding"
Leather,paste paper,
handmade headbands
Glen Epstein
"Ethnic Cleansing"
Watercolor, gouache, tempera,
acrylic, Speedball, Tape nibs
Jane Shibata "Exploration"
Linda Dare
"Deck of Discovery"
Letterpress/brush lettering (part of a Millennium trilogy)
Marci Donley
"As I See It"
Arches watercolor paper, watercolor, gouache, vintage glasses
Marieclaire Vam Dam Joseph
"Kimono Book"
Gold ink, beads, ribbon, steel pin,
Canson paper, handmade paper
Marieclaire Vam Dam Joseph
"Blue Hawaii"
Paper collage, black ink, gesso, watercolors, steel pins
Naboku Kitamura
"The Alphabet is a Source"
Fabruano Ingrile gouache
Risa Gettler
Sadie Tsuyuki
Gouache, foreign exchange
Sandy Spurgeon
"Cities I Love"
Schminke gold, gouache
Sylvia Kowal
"Papercut Alphabet"
Cut Paper
Sylvia Kowal
"Alphabet Bowl"
Acrylic on Terra Cotta
Jane Shibata "I'll Get OneTommorrow/Ogden Nash"
Jane Shibata
Joan H. Hawks
"Travel Journal"
Mat board, rubber stamps, postage stamps, hand lettering, collage, tied with Opera yarn
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