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What do we consider to be life force? Is it blood flow? Vitality? Continuation of the thread of the genetic or familial line? Is it botanical or tidal? Does it ebb and flow or is it constant? Is it evident or hidden?

The 2-dimensional works of Rodman de la Cruz and Medora Wildenberg are reflective quiet works and are simultaneously imbued with a sense of life that undulates beneath the surface. In this mutual retrospective exhibition, de la Cruz and Wildenberg, who have been married for more than 30 years, display works that travel from the realm of landscape to bio-scape to mandala, and from visceral to conceptual.

Rodman de la Cruz exhibits airy watercolor landscapes as well as conceptual works that fuse poetry, calligraphy and abstraction. His works are driven in two primary directions. One is the direct processing of experience and encounter with the every day into plein air drawings and painted landscapes. His other works are reflective. De la Cruz combines his skills as a master calligrapher, poet and painter, in mixed media works, that border the blank page or canvas. The blank areas of these works entice the viewer to complete the image or experience, by mentally filling in the blank.
Medora Wildenberg states that her series of Intaglio prints, The Dream, explores the mystic, psychic and collective levels of the subconscious. "The symbolic gestural qualities of the female figure express my attitude toward the mystifying life forces that surround us and unite us." Also present in this exhibition are the Intaglio works from Wildenberg’s Earthscape and The Dark Earth series. In these deeply personal works, the artist looks towards nature, both as a source of energy and tranquility, honing images to an essential mandala form. Additionally, she exhibits sensitive life studies of her daughters drawn in charcoal and conte.

Please check back soon to see additional images from the exhibit

Putting Rietveld on a Pedestal

43"x28"x21", lacquer on wood

Reitveld Series

65"x36"x12", mixed media

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