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The annual Fine Arts Faculty exhibition includes a variety of works of art in a wide range of media. The exhibit provides a look at the aesthetic and educational philosophies advocated by El Camino College Art Department. It demonstrates an array of concepts and techniques currently characteristic of the art world. The majority of the works in the show are grounded in an academic approach to art study and training. Represented in the exhibition are oil, watercolor and acrylic paintings on canvas, paper or panel.
Harrison Storms shows figurative abstraction in mixed media. In response to the heated political atmosphere, Randall Von Bloomberg presents drawings with mixed media. Norm Looney shows large-scale ink dot drawings on paper. Linda Busch presents luscious flowers in both watercolor and oil while Binh Ngo shows a reflective image of pregnancy in oil on canvas. David Patterson presents collage with mixed media mapping pieces and Annie Malone shows a small mixed media. Lawrence Klepper shows Italian landscape in watercolor and Thomas Whittaker Kidd presents an inner landscape titled Nourishing a Vision, in oil. Mary Addison Hackett presents abstraction in acrylic and Richard Ewing shows figurative caricatures in brush and ink. Diane Hayden presents exquisite still life paintings in oil on canvas. Also from the painting area, Lee Kim presents vibrating abstractions in oil while Craig Antrim shows subtle abstractions in oil on canvas and Susanna Meiers shows wood panel with mixed media.

The printmaking area of the department is represented with works in intaglio and digital media. Yunsun Lee presents prints with mixed media. Additionally this area is represented by intricate digital works by Deborah Patterson and Robin Valle, and text image with black and white photos by Desiree DeVirgilio. Installation artist Joyce Dallal present s an atmospheric multiple panel digital wall piece while Marcie Kaufman presents a complex spiritual mapping in large scale C-print, Threshold Trajectories. Photography is represented with silver gelatin, black and white works by Darilyn Rowan, Randall Chambers, and Robert Dalton and color imagery by both Sandra Trepasso and Phil Marquez.

The life-size stoneware armor by Russell McMillin, the rough-hewn beauty of vessels by Neil Moss and organic sculptural pieces by Jeff Netzer comprise three very distinct approaches to clay. The exhibition includes a cross-section of 3-dimensional techniques taught in the department-imaginative jewelry fabrication by Irene Mori and mixed media constructions by Annette Owens. Also in the 3D realm, Pam Huth presents a colossal mixed media construction

In PVC pipe and soap bubbles. Rounding out the exhibition, Joy Curtis Urlik presents a 7-part video, Fragments of Time .



Pole Dancing
silicone rubber, 17"x25"

Global Warming
acrylic on panel, 36"x36"

John's Canyon
acrylic and limestone on masonite, 106"x82"x3"

acrylic on canvas, 36"x48"

Cowboy Heroes: from the series Power, Culture, Icon
ceramic, 42"x24"x6"

printed paper, wire, 12'x5'



black ink on paper, 7'x5'

The Pogonator
primer, rust, and rubber,

Self Inflicted Punishment or Positive Reinforcement Device
wood, paper, pencils, and interactors, 10'x3'x3'

Pu-Lau, Defender
acrylic on canvas, 22"x28"

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