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Performance by:
Susan Rawcliffe & Many Axes, Oct. 11, 7:30pm in Art Gallery
Robert Hilton, Oct. 18, 12:30 noon in Art Gallery
Kehinde/Drumarama, Oct. 23, 12:30 noon in Art Patio
Anna Homler & Stephanie Payne with Puppetina
Nov. 1, 12:30pm in Art Gallery

Flutes, lutes, horns and drums have long soothed and stimulated us, calling us, calling us to prayer, urging us into battle and rocking us to sleep. Music has played an extremely important role in the life of Homo sapiens from early in our history on planet earth, expressing our ecstasies and sorrows. Let no one under estimate the power of music to charm, invigorate and even heal. As an art form music directly stirs the heart and mind and calls the body into action. Have you ever tried to sit still and listen to African drums? Can you deny the soothing affects of Brazilian guitar?

In traditional societies music plays a part in daily life. Rather than serving as entertainment, music embodies ritusl, prayer, story telling and celebration. While all four artists in Fa So La Brmm Bzzz Tck Sa have roots in traditional musical instrument making, each has taken a very individual approach.

Kehinde will perform Nigerian masquerade dancing (stilt dancing) accompanied by a drumming ensemble on Tuesday, October 23 at 12:30 noon in th Art Department Patio.

Curator El Camino College Art Gallery

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The Pharmacia Poetica of Anna Homler is an on-going installation that explores the transformative power of the imagination. Homler says, "Like any apothecary, the Pharmacia offers a mixture of remedies. These include sound, poetry, metalanguage, images, and objects, the main feature of which is a collection of glass bottles in which the hidden beauty of common place objects, suspended in liquid, is revealed."

We regret we do not have photos of Anna Homler's individual art works, only what can be seen in the art gallery over views.
A sound environment (done in collaboration with Mark Wheaton) which incorporates Homler's voice and magnified ambient sounds created by the bottles in the Pharmacia renders the Pharmacia Poetica a musical instrument. Performance artist, Anna Homler, sings in a made-up language which "appears to be rife with tradition...and a culture all its own." Homler's performance is a magical amalgam of pop culture and ritual ceremony. Puppetina, with Anna Homler and Stephanie Payne is whimsical and full of warmth.
Working in the tradition of Nigerian tribal istrument making, Kehinde presents a colorful array of drums, kalimbas, iggadabus, rattles and cuicas that radiate vitality. Made from found objects such as street sweeper tines collected at a particularly knobby street corner, duct tape, staples, steel barrels and goat hide, the pieces have a wonderfully playful and vigorous quality.


Robert Hilton's exquisitely crafted harps, horns, chimes and drums hearken to traditional cultures around the globe. While his pieces are highly refined, poetic abstractions, one is reminded of influences from Africa, India, and the Far East.

Hilton's tunings are quixotic and often foreign to the Western ear. Although these instruments are honed to an almost maniacal precision, they contain wood from found fallen trees, home grown gourds and plumbing parts, smooth from years of use.

Susan Rawcliffe's ceramic wind instruments generate hauting, complex and unpredictable whistles, growls and sometimes screams. Taking her inspirations in part from Native American, Pre-Columbian and Aboriginal traditions, Rawcliffe comfortably maneuvers between surrealistic imagery, forms taken from nature and pure abstraction. Her 25 plus years of experience as an instrument maker are nowhere more apparent than in her stunning Large White Flute. A well-seasoned improvisational performer, Rawcliffe enchants, fascinates and thrills those who listen.

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