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Eva Kolosvary-Stupler


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I choose discarded objects befitting my chain of thoughts at the moment of the creative process. I look at them, play with them, arrange and modify them. Discarded objects have had their previous life. Deprived of their commercial significance, their forms become aesthetically more relevant. They reincarnate through my vision and artistic activities as I restructure them, recontextualizing the objects into new forms with new possibilities of meaning.
Guardian Angel

I started by arranging objects in old wooden or metal boxes, needing the containment of an already existing space. Then the boxes began to extend outward, opening up, both creatively and physically. They evolved from static to dynamic statements. The earlier freestanding pieces only had a frontal view; soon they became more expressive, with multiple views. The viewer must circle them to understand their fuller meaning and to appreciate the subtlety of the details.

Brown Angel
In my most recent series wooden tripods are incorporated with other objects. The open-sided pyramid shapes of the tripods lead the viewer directly into a shared place. The tripods function as both bases and intrinsic elements, simultaneously reaching out and supporting other elements, some of which are becoming interactively capable of actual physical movement.
Self, 1994

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