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Mix it up! Are two heads better than one? Is a group better still?

Cross-Pollination is an exhibition of over 30 artists who are collaborating in pairs, trios, groups of 5 or whatever combination best serves the muse of the moment. The means of collaboration varies from artist to artist, each pair or grouping expressing something of the pollinating effect of one to the other. The visual artist in his/her studio, a world that is most typically solitary, is opened to the exploration of what transpires when one creative mind meets another and a third, unknown and unexpected element emerges. El Camino College Art Gallery is delighted to present the fertile works of this entire group assembled.

  • Edith Abeyta presents Me, You, Us, an installation dealing with the art of cooperation, in which backpacks made from clothes that have been given to her, are placed on handmade shelves. Abeyta invites the visitor to collaborate by creating an object of nearly equal size to bring in and trade for a backpack. The new object will replace the backpack on its shelf, becoming an integral part of an ever-changing installation. Because the backpacks are made from donated clothing, Abeyta symbolically considers them as a community. Additionally, she says that, in wearing these backpacks, it is a way of carrying others with you-giving them a piggy back ride of sorts, and being part of a social network, meeting someone new. Edith Abeyta will do a performance on the evening of the reception.
  • As a former athlete, Jocelyn Foye moves into the realm of the scientific with her investigation into the actions of sport and dance. Foye stages performances of such events as wrestling or roller-skating against a bed of clay. In this case, Smash Down is the result of a mini roller derby staged at the Laguna Art Museum. Once the action was made by the collaborating derby athletes against the clay, Foye produced a wall piece, which is the negative inverse mold of the action. Additionally she exhibits more traditional digital works that serve as an index of the original performance.
  • George Geyer and Tom McMillin present Double Reverse/Suspended Convex Gravity Bend, in which two, 13' pieces of tempered glass are suspended from ceiling and walls on steel rods. This suspension allows the force of gravity to act upon the glass panels, causing startling convex bends to occur. The elements of risk, balance, and tension, in a world governed by gravitational force, come dramatically into play.
  • Joyce Kohl and Nancy Kyes, both sculptors, work in opposing materials-Kohl makes massive and powerful, earthy abstractions out of adobe and found steel while Kyes weaves everyday detritus into airy, often brightly colored confabulations that evoke the realm of spirit. Together, they produce a third fascinating element that is neither one nor the other but both.
  • Peter Liashkov has collaborated with many artists creating what he calls Hybrids . These hybrids begin with a life-sized cutout silhouettes made of synthetic vellum (called Synskin) based on Liashkov's figurative drawings. He issues these forms to other artists who go to work on them, each in his/her own way. These forms then return to Liashkov who further embellishes or reworks the imagery. The Hybrid collaborations included in this exhibition are by Liahskov and Oksana Badrak, Raoul De la Sota, Cidne Hart, Andres Montoya, Miguel Angel Murillo, Marianne Sadowski and Pen Tsou.
  • Los de Abajo: Kay Brown, Judith Duran, Antonio Escalante, Emelda Gutierrez, Jose Lozano, Poli Marichal, Don Newton, Marianne Sadowski, work collectively on both 2 and 3 dimensional forms. All of the artists are involved in printmaking, painting and drawing. Their monumental collage works are comprised primarily of prints done in a variety of techniques. They contain whimsical creatures and are imbued with mythic overtones. Additionally, on Thursday, December 7, at 1 p.m. Poli Marichal will present a highly inventive puppet show incorporating hand puppets, shadow puppets, live actors and music.
  • Calligrapher and book maker, Dick Pio and his wife, quilter, and textile artist, Lois Pio, present an exquisite handmade guest book in a clam shell box in addition to an intricately quilted wall work made with hand-dyed fabrics. Dick Pio and 15 members of The Society of Calligraphy also present a selection of miniature books from a collaborative project, A Book of Calligraphy.
  • Nancy Romero and Marc Salazar exhibit a tour de force mechanized painting depicting Romero's special and contemporary vision of Dante's Inferno. In this work, Nancy Romero, painter, collaborated with Marc Salazar, carpenter and inventor, who mechanized the cutout figures who parade through the levels of hell as the visitor presses the on/off switch.
  • S tuart Rapeport collaborates with 3 musicians, Timothy Sellers and his band Artichoke, Paul Bailey and Max Markowitz , in creating short films on Rapeport's neighborhood of Highland Park. These documentaries began as a still photo project with artist Helen Garber. Throughout the 3 shorts, the imagery remains constant but the affect varies with the attitude of accompanying composer.
  • Victor Raphael, multi-media artist and David Jordan Williams , photographer, present works from their unexplained phenomena project. The series, which includes images from around the world, explores mysterious encounters with the unknown. The artists hope to elicit from the viewer the idea that we should not rule out the unexplained when considering what is real and what we know. The project includes archival inkjet prints and a digital movie

Drawing the Line, 2008, a collaborative print jig-saw puzzle, 96" x 48"
by Kay Brown, Judith Durán, Antonio Escalante, Emelda Gutiérrez, José Lozano, Poli Marichal, Marianne Sadowski, and Victor Rosas.

This print was exhibited at the Los de Abajo Printmaking exhibition, Drawing the Line, at Avenue 50 Studio, Inc.
on May 2008 and at El
Nopal Press on November 2008.

Meteor Motel, Artists: Victor Raphael and David Jordan Williams, Archival Ink Jet Print

Hybrids, Artists in collaboration with Peter Liashkov (Oksana Badrak, Raoul De la Sota, Victor Rosas) Mixed media on Synskin

You Don't Want to Know, 2008, 78" x 40" , a collaborative print collage
by Kay Brown, Judith Durán, Poli
Marichal, Victor Rosas and Marianne Sadowski

Please check back soon to see additional images from the exhibit

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Last Published 12/21/16