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Sant Khalsa                 Photographs

Self-portrait with the
Santa Ana River

Study for 'The Sacred Spring', 1995

'Receptacle', 1997

Vernal Pools, Enchanted Rock, Texas 1996

Gelatin-Silver Prints

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P lastic bottles of water labeled with such words as creativity, balance and harmony stand on a simple wooden shelf beneath a photograph of upturned hands submerged in bubbling water. In this Study for a Sacred Spring by SANT KHALSA, the artist calls the viewer to visually drink from a spring of spiritual values while she simultaneously raises questions about the relationship between sacred experience and consumer culture.

While using art as a form of political statement, Khalsa is equally committed to acceptance of the individual ways in which viewers interpret what they see. Her intentionally mysterious black and white photographic images of vessels - both natural and man-made (Vernal Pools, Enchantment Rock, Texas; Receptacle and Santa Ana River, Seven Oaks Dam Site) reflect her interest in ambiguity of meaning.

Santa Ana River, Seven
Oaks Dam Site 1991

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