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Photo: Nancy Romero
"Frank is Cured by an Egg"
Oil on Wood, 36" x 48"

Lecture by Nancy Romero and Richard Turner
Feb. 25, 1 pm in the Cafeteria/Alondra Rm

How do we know about each other? Can art be used as an investigative tool to document the ties? In what ways do we gather information and commemorate our connections? How does artwork become proof or evidence of experience? How do the current events/climate of an artist's life act as a filter of expression? What role does memory play in shaping the vision? With these questions in mind El Camino College Art Gallery presents the work of four artists in Art and Anthropology/4 foreign journeys.

Like taletellers in days of old, these 4 artists have returned from their journeys enriched and transformed. They visually spin their stories, enticing the viewer to partake in their perceptions and perhaps to indulge in some visions of their own.

—Susanna Meiers
Curator, ECC Art Gallery

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Nancy Romero

Festival of Santa Ana, oil on wood
72" x 48", 1997
In the early 1960s Nancy Romero traveled to a Zapotec community in Oaxaca, Mexico with the intention of doing very measured anthropological fieldwork towards an advanced academic degree. Here she rapidly discovered her own distaste for the distance required in such observation and gave up the scientific study to begin painting and photographing the people with whom she has remained friends for more than 35 years.

Her work records the daily life and spiritual beliefs in the region combined with her personal insight and experience.

Garden of Eden on Window Sill
oil on wood panel
23" x 35.75", 2000

Susan Einstein

Susan Einstein had the experience of encountering the exotic within the United States. In Honeyville, Indiana, a rural Amish community, Susan helped to run a local general store while she employed photography to document her four-year sojourn.

Amish Community
Honeyville, Indiana

silver gelatin print

While living in a society which rigidly restricts photography, Einstein's cool interior shots and respectful portraits expose the uneasy position of the artist as outsider.

Amish Community
Honeyville, Indiana

silver gelatin print

Barbara Drucker

For close to two decades Barbara Drucker has found an affinity in Greece, living part of each year among villagers there and participating in that world. Her resulting work reflects images from her observations of rituals, handicrafts and women's roles in Greek society.

Material Evidence/Wall of Hair (detail)
braided synthetic hair

Utilizing traditional materials such as human hair, fragments of costumes and seeds, Drucker creates an artistic language, which fuses the personal with the archaic feminine.

Material Evidence/Rug with Ball
braided wool and thread
6' x 4' x 4

Richard Turner

Through the use of mixed media installation, Richard Turner transports elements of Indian culture to the gallery affording the viewer a dimensional glimpse of the artists experience of living in India.

Red Dog, Blue Murder
mixed media installation

Turner cannibalizes the genre of Indian movie poster painting as a backdrop for his forceful statements concerning social and environmental issues.

Doors, collage
20" x 28", 1992

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