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Photo: Hina Fagu; "Animals" (Detail) Layer 4;
Digtal; 11x 8.5; 2002
Lecture: Tuesday, April 1, at 1:00 p.m. in
Haag Recital Hall (Music Bldg. Rm. #7)
ABOUT FACE/artist’s interpretations of masks.
Works by more than 50 artists includes sculpture, mixed media installation, painting, drawing, digital imagery, and collage.

This exhibition is part of multi-gallery collaboration titled From the Neck Up. Other participating venues include Angels Gate Cultural Center, Joslyn Fine Arts Gallery at Del Amo Center, Manhattan Beach Creative Arts Center, Palos Verdes Art Center, San Pedro Art Association, and Folk Tree, Pasadena.

In this time of confusion and concern about world politics and ethics, the head is more than ever of central importance. Traditionally regarded, along with the heart, as the chief member of the body, the head is the seat of life force and the soul. It typically denotes wisdom, mental activity, fantasy, and control. The head is the originator of both intelligence and folly, its capacity equally vast for the wondrous and the destructive. The exhibitions include both physical and mental aspects of the head, ranging from portraits of the head (Manhattan Beach Creative Arts Center), hats (Palos Verdes Art Center), to mental confabulations (Angels Gate), and toothsome creations (Joslyn Fine Arts Gallery). El Camino College Art Gallery and Folk Tree both host mask exhibitions.

Man has made and worn masks from the ancient days when Greek actors wore the masks of comedy or tragedy– to the Australian aboriginal soul masks which identify the wearer with the power of the animal represented – to African tribal masks which can symbolize and perhaps confer a power of their own. Masks may amaze, terrify, baffle, inspire awe or amuse. At times they are used to conceal, at times to reveal what lies beneath the surface. About Face includes works in a broad array of media, from video and sound installation to ceramic facemasks, chrome plated pie pans, paintings, drawings, photographs, constructions and digital prints.

Curator, El Camino College Art Gallery

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This is a very small sample of the artwork in this exhibit
Eva Kolosvary-Stupler
Click on picture for an enlarged view

Reflection (details), 2001, mixed media, 64x20x20

Pat Cox

Veiled Mask, mixed media
18" x 10.5" x 2.5"

Venus K. Sobin

Four Horiak Guardians
mixed media

Agustin Rodiles

A Contemporary
Approach to
PreColumbian Art
mixed media

Joyce Kohl
Click on picture for an enlarged view


14" x 20" x 68"

Eleanor K. Diehl

Shrine with 3 Faces
mixed media
32" x 16" x 2"

Louis Heiner

Sorcerer Mask
mixed media


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