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In tandem or under the influence? Source of support or competition? Opposition or similarity? These are some of the immediate questions or thoughts that come to mind when considering the artwork of couples who not only co-habit but also co-create. The five artist couples in this exhibition were selected, in part, because their artwork does bear significant evidence of influence, one partner upon the other. Additionally, both partners create separately as well as together. Please join us in investigating the richly varied nature of partnering and artistic influence as substantiated in works by Jeff and Jocelyn Foye, Keiko Fukazawa and Dennis Callwood, Barbara Jones and Gustavo Leclerc, Richard and Lois Pio, Laura Stickney and Vilma Mendillo.

Jeff Foye presents a remarkable video in which arrows are shot into a wall, creating a rapid-fire shadow drawing that appears and fades in measured time. Artifacts from the archery performance accompany this video.

Jocelyn Foye shows video documentation of the staging of a women's roller derby event, in which the Los Angeles Derby Dolls skate and fight against a wall of clay. This clay then contains the impression or memory of the event and is the mold for the actual artwork that is her sculptural medium.

Together: Jeff Foye produces video documentation of Jocelyn's performance events that have ranged from air guitar to Sumo wrestling and roller derby. Jocelyn Foye offers to the mix, a wealth of graphic design, digital expertise and similarly theatrical sensibility.

Ceramist, Keiko Fukazawa, exhibits a 6 foot ceramic Manekineko (Japanese good luck cat) accompanied by its smaller friends. Additionally she shows large-scale ceramic vessels, decorated with graffiti and drawings.

Photographer and mixed media artist, Dennis Callwood shows a series of photographic images of Fukazawa's cats as well as sardonic collage portraits of American political personages.

Together: Both Callwood and Fukazawa have worked with at-risk youths in the probation system. Callwood's mixed media collage pieces are produced in collaboration with the parolees. Fukazawa's decorated vessels, once whole, were shattered into pieces and the fragments dispersed to parolees who added drawings and graffiti. These shards were then pieced together with Keiko's traditional Japanese erotic drawings and reassembled into patchwork vessels.

Barbara Jones presents ballpoint pen drawings of babies and furniture for infants overlaid with type-written penalties and demands taken from a welfare questionnaire.

Architect and artist, Gustavo Leclerc , shows etchings in which layered figurative images reveal a mythic world and where one thing becomes another.

Together: Jones and Leclerc produce intricately drawn and embroidered narrative images on handkerchiefs- Panos. These panos stem from a tradition used by Chicano prison inmates, where elaborate black drawings on white cloth handkerchiefs communicate messages about life in prison, love letters or iconographic images relevant to Chicano culture. Leclerc and Jones elaborate upon this form, adding vibrant color, embroidery and beading, to convey rich tales of masked wrestlers, erotic visions and mythical under-sea landscapes.

Bicyclists, Richard and Lois Pio, have ridden their tandem bicycle literally thousands of miles during the last 60 years of marriage. Formerly an engineer, Richard Pio presents precisely bound and calligraphically lettered, books. Some of these small volumes are poems or Valentines dedicated to his wife of many years.

Lois Pio shows dynamic quilts that reflect her interest in human rights and astronomy as well as her exquisite sense of design and craftsmanship.

Together: The Pios create one-of-a-kind artist books that have quilted elements worked into the book-covers.

Poet, printmaker and painter, Laura Stickney , presents her illustrated epic poem about the inter-continental flight of aviator, Amelia Earhart, as well as etchings depicting early American quilts paired with historical women's faces.

Aeronautics engineer, furniture builder and sculptor, Vilma Mendillo , shows mixed media assemblage and furniture.

Together: Stickney and Mendillo combine efforts to produce elegant accordion-folded books by Laura Stickney presented in beautifully crafted boxes designed and built by Vilma Mendillo.

Curator El Camino College Art Gallery

Barbara Jones and Gustavo Leclerc; Submerged
cloth with ballpoint pen and embroidery;
15" x 15 "

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Last Published 12/21/16