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Works by El Camino College Art Department
and Photography Department Faculty

November 16 - December 9, 2015

Reception: Thursday, November 19, 5-8 p.m.

Artist's Lecture: Tuesday, November 24 at 1 p.m.

Russell McMillin; Soldier on Two Fronts; ceramic with luster glaze; 36" x 24" x 12"  Russell McMillin; Soldier on Two Fronts; Ceramic with Luster Glaze; 36" x 24" x 12"

Russell McMillin; Soldier on Two Fronts; Ceramic
with Luster Glaze; 36" x 24" x 12"

The annual Art Department and Photography Department Faculty Show includes a variety of works of art in a wide range of media. The exhibit provides a look at the aesthetic and educational philosophies advocated by El Camino College Art and Photography Departments and demonstrates an array of concepts and techniques currently characteristic of the art world.

The exhibit includes artwork representing multiple techniques within the areas of photography, painting, drawing, print making, sculpture, mixed media installation, graphic design, digital media, video, jewelry and ceramics.

The painting area is represented richly with strong burnished abstractions in mixed media by Harrison Storms, striking gouache on paper, abstractions by Betsy Lohrer Hall, revelatory imagery in oil on canvas by Thomas Whittaker Kidd, Splash, an underwater vision in oil by Binh Ngo. Joyce Dallal presents her collection of Pretty Little Guns in oil on panel and Richard Ewing shows expressive ink wash drawings of birds. Mardi Speth exhibits humorous watercolor, Spent and colossal bull in pastel, El Presidente.

In the drawing and print making areas Randall Bloomberg shows new black and white work of traffic in LA and mixed media work, Parking Lot Weed. Joe Kabriel displays a meditative graphite drawing/digital print of the 405 Fwy and a digital drawing remix, Decker Hair Pins . Katherine Sheehan shows lyrical layered screen prints of landscape with birds.

From the 3-D area, Russell McMillin exhibits a handsome encrusted ceramic torso, one of a series of female warrior works. Vince Palacios presents a large-scale ceramic tile wall work with alchemical images done in black ceramic decals on white clay, while Karen Thayer displays ridged stoneware wall works. Andrea Micallef presents an assemblage piece, Metaphysical Construct that includes the use of plumbing pipe and clock hands. Pam Huth exhibits a whimsical 3 dimensional piece, A Murder of American Crows, made of paper. Susanna Meiers shows tiny theatrical mixed media wall works. Irene Mori exhibits a politically inspired silver and stainless pin, Hobby Lobby (Google This). Michael Lewis Miller presents an interactive (relational aesthetics) installation that includes a checkerboard table and chairs, woodchopper's costume and a carved wooden sculpture of the woodcutter himself.

Darilyn Rowan beautifully represents the Photography Department with a black and white silver gelatin print series, Remembrance of Things Past. Michael Quinn exhibits a luminous giclee print titled Homage to Rothko, Washington and Mouse. Robert Dalton displays layered, poetic color photographs. Sandra Trepasso presents a straightforward series of color photographs of So Cal oil fields and Victoria Sanchez displays images of animals found in the everyday world.

Amanda Keller Konya presents black and white photos of mosaics on public buildings by mid-century artist, Millard Sheets. Jeff Crum exhibits a dreamlike image of Mono Lake, accompanied by his video, Han in which a dancer swirls against the backdrop of tidal Malibu, invoking the healing powers of the feminine.

Each year the faculty members of these two departments are invited to exhibit artwork in a non-curated exhibit that seeks to expose the student body and general public to the creative aspect of the faculty. The work each year is wide-ranging and fascinating, demonstrating the breadth of talent within the Art and Photography Departments.

 Last Published 11/10/15