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Graduation Initiative Project

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Your Future Begins With You! 

El Camino College recently launched a new program to boost the number of students earning their associate degree. The ECC Graduation Initiative Project is supported by a $3.24 million grant and designed to increase student readiness for the pursuit of the associate degree, while strengthening student learning and faculty teaching in essential gateway courses such as reading, writing, and math.
Research shows that a shift toward jobs that require workers with greater analytical and interactive skills is expected for the future, and a well-functioning education and training system will be essential.


Your dream of achieving a degree may be closer than you think…
  • Did you know that an associate degree increases your earning capacity by 86 percent within three years of earning a degree?
  • Check how close you are to completing your associate degree: log onto MyECC and click on “Online Academic Planning”


Plan your future … 
  • Don’t wait any longer, meet with a counselor and create an educational plan.
  • Call the counseling office to schedule an appointment: 310-660-3458.


Graduates with an associate degree can … 
  • Gain entry-level access into a rewarding career
  • Find a gateway toward pursuing a bachelor’s degree

Slogan Competition

This past spring, the Graduation Initiative Project announced a Slogan Competition where students were asked to help create a slogan to be used in the program’s marketing campaign.
An amazing 131 slogans were received from the online competition and Professor Andrea Micallef’s Graphic Design Art students, including the winning slogan, Your Future Begins With You! submitted by Del Parvazi and Bee Park.
 ECC Students SLogan Winners 
Student slogan competition winners, Del Parvazi and Bee Park.

Your Future Begins With You!

 Professor Micallef’s graphic design students also held a class competition to create a poster to promote getting a degree. Students produced 73 professional posters, which were reviewed by a committee and one was selected to be used in the project’s marketing efforts. Poster winners are George Chen, Michael Cruz, and Jorge Mostacero.

 ECC Students Poster winners

From left to right: Graduation Initiative Director, Idania Reyes; student poster competition winners, Michael Cruz and Jorge Mostacero (not pictured George Chen).
Last Published 12/21/16