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Attendance at First Class

Students who enroll in class but do not attend the first scheduled class meeting may be dropped from the roster and their places given to waiting students who were unable to enroll at the time of registration.

Attendance Without Official Enrollment

Students will not be permitted to attend classes in which they are not enrolled. Exceptions may be allowed by the instructor for bonafide visitors.

Attendance During Semester

Regular attendance is expected of every student. A student may be dropped from class when absences from class exceed the number of units assigned to the course. This rule also applies to excessive absences due to illness or medical treatment. The student who has been absent due to illness or medical appointment must explain the absence directly to the instructor. The student who has been absent due to a communicable disease or quarantine must report directly to the Health Center for clearance before returning to classes.

Adding a Class

If space is available‚ students who have completed registration may add a class by going to the first meeting of the class and securing permission of the instructor. Students must follow all college and procedures by the published deadline.

Withdrawal from Class

Official withdrawal from a class should be processed through the MyECC online system. Failure to complete this process may result in the assignment of a letter grade of A through F.

 Last Published 2/13/13