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Vice President, Administrative Services
Brian Fahnestock

Assistant to Vice President
Shobhana Warrier

Senior Clerical Assistant

Director, Bookstore
Julie Bourlier
Asst. Director, Bookstore
Andy Nasatir

Chief of Police &
Dir. of Public Services Instructional Programs
Michael Trevis

Director, Safety, Risk Management &
Director Purch. & Bus. Serv.
Rocky Bonura


Business Manager
Janice Ely
Accounting Director
Babatunde Atane

Director, Facilities Planning & Services
Thomas Brown
Asst. Director, Facilities Planning & Services
Robert Brobst
Asst. Director, Facilities Planning & Services

Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Arthur Leible
Asst. Director, Information Technology
William E. Warren III
Last Published 9/26/17