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Accreditation Statement

The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, at its meeting January 7-10, 2014, reviewed the Follow-Up Report submitted by El Camino College and the report of the evaluation team that visited November 14, 2013.  The Commission took action to remove Warning.

The El Camino College Accreditation Self-Evaluation Team is in place and ready to provide leadership for this important process. Although the Accreditation Self-Evaluation cycle begins this fall for ECC in preparation for the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges’ Team Visit in October 2014, it is an ongoing process for all colleges and universities. 

Contact your dean/director to learn how to become involved in this project.  Below are the standards and co-chairs for El Camino College; ECC Compton Center co-chairs are underlined.

Standard 1: Institutional Mission and Effectiveness – Jeanie Nishime and Barbara Perez

  • IA: Mission – Irene Graff and Chris Gold; Michael Odanaka and Elizabeth Martinez
  • IB: Improving Institutional Effectiveness – Irene Graff and Chris Gold; Michael Odanaka and Elizabeth Martinez

Standard II:  Student Learning Programs and Services - Francisco Arce

  • IIA: Instructional Programs – Virginia Rapp, Connie Fitzsimons, Matt Cheung, Charles Herzig, Barbara Perez; Rodney Murray and Chelvi Subramaniam
  • IIB: Student Support Services – Dipte Patel, Holly Schumacher, Rene Lozano; Ricky Shabazz and Essie French-Preston
  • IIC: Library and Learning Support Services – Tom Lew, Alice Grisby, Holly Schumacher, and Claudia Striepe; Estina Pratt and Charles Hobbs

Standard III:  Resources – Jo Ann Higdon and Keith Curry

  • IIIA: Human Resources – Lynn Lindberg and Cynthia Mosqueda; Rachelle Sasser
  • IIIB: Physical Resources – Stephanie Rodriguez and Ora Bryant; Linda Owens and Binh Nguyen
  • IIIC: Technology Resources – John Wagstaff and Pete Marcoux; Rudy Ramos and Michelle Priest
  • IIID: Financial Resources – Rory Natividad and Gary Turner; Felipe Lopez and Trish Bonacic

Standard IV:  Leadership and Governance – Linda Beam and Keith Curry

  • IVA: Decision-Making Roles and Processes – Gloria Miranda, Evelyn Uyemura and Julieta Ortiz; Jose Villalobos and Art Smith
  • IVB: Board and Administrative Organization – Mike Trevis and Angela Simon; Christopher Halligan and David Simmons

Accreditation Liaison Officer: Jeanie Nishime

Co-Chair: Jean Shankweiler

Self-Evaluation Faculty Co-Chairs: Matt Cheung and Holly Schumacher

In other accreditation news: A follow-up visit from the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) is scheduled for Wednesday, November 14. This visit is in regard to ECC’s mid-term accreditation report that was reviewed at the commission’s January 2012 meeting.

Preparing for the Self-Evaluation Report (PDF)


ACCJC Eligibility Requirements & Standards

Eligibility Requirements for Accreditation (PDF)

2014 Accreditation Standards (PDF)

Complaint Process

Here you will find information that will assist students and members of the public who wish to file a formal complaint to the Commission about one of its member institutions.


Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges
Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

10 Commercial Boulevard
Suite 204
Novato, CA94949


ECC Accreditation Documents


Letter from Commission
February 7, 2014

Letter from Commission
Follow-Up Visit Report
December 18, 2013

Letter from Commission -
February 11, 2013

Letter from Commission -Follow-Up Visit Report -November 14, 2012

 Letter from Commission - February 1, 2012

Letter from Commission -
March 23, 2011

Letter from Commission
- February 8, 2011

ACCJC Recommendations

Letter from Commission
- Jan 29, 2010

Letter from Commission
Dec 14, 2009

Letter from Commission
- Oct 13, 2009

Letter from Commission
- Jun 30, 2009

Letter from Commission
- Feb 3, 2009

   Final 2008 Team Report


Letter from Commission - August 18, 2014

Recent Commission Decisions:
ACCJC Standards and Processes - March 18,2014

Letter from Commission - USDE Achievement Data - 2013

Letter from Commission
(Rubric) - 2011

Accreditation White Pages
- Aug 4, 2010

Letter from Commission
- Jan 20, 2010

Letter from Accreditation
Task Force - Jan 13, 2010

Letter from Commission
- Jan 6, 2010




Accreditation Follow-Up Report - October 15, 2013

Accreditation Follow-Up Report - October 15, 2012

Accreditation Midterm Report
- October 15, 2011

-Follow-Up Report
- Oct 2010

Substantive Change
Proposal October 2010

Follow-Up Report
- Oct 2009

Follow-Up Report
- Apr 2009


What is Accreditation?

Process to Accreditation (Dec 2013)

Process to Accreditation (Oct 2012)

Process to Accreditation (July 2012)

Process to Accreditation (Sep 2010)

Accreditation of ECC Compton Educational Center: Communications Plan 2010-2012

Accreditation Eligibility Proposal Status Report (October 27, 2011) PDF

 Last Published 10/8/14