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Thomas M. Fallo, Superintendent/President

President's Message

Every El Camino College student is on a path to success . Whether that means transferring to the university of their dreams, landing a job in an exciting career or upgrading on-the-job skills necessary to meet the needs of today's employers. 

El Camino College employees embrace the opportunity to help students reach their goals and take advantage of the opportunities a college education provides for their future . We are united with the mission to help students succeed. 

In this issue of Community News, you will meet students who have met and exceeded their goals, including Tracy Amaya and Lee Jones . The El Camino Fire Academy graduation is also featured, highlighting the training graduates receive in preparation to serve their communities . In addition, several of the college's alumni are highlighted – true success stories and a testament of how a college education can change lives. 

Through this publication we hope you will learn more about all of the great educational and training options available at El Camino College . Thank you for supporting El Camino College and for recognizing the value of the education we provide to the community.

 Last Published 7/18/13