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ECC Institutional Learning Outcomes 

Click here to download a Word document containing the list of the Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs). 


El Camino College Institutional Learning Outcomes

Students completing a course of study at El Camino College will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  1. Content Knowledge:  Students possess and use the knowledge, skills and abilities specific to a chosen discipline, vocation or career.
  2. Critical, Creative and Analytical Thinking:  Students solve problems, make judgments and reach decisions using critical, creative and analytical skills.
  3. Communication and Comprehension:  Students effectively communicate in written, spoken or signed, and artistic forms to diverse audiences.  Students comprehend and respectfully respond to the ideas of others.
  4. Professional and Personal Growth:  Students exhibit self-esteem, responsible behavior and personal integrity.  Students are reflective and intellectually curious; they continue to improve themselves throughout life.
  5. Community and Collaboration:  Students appreciate local and global diversity and are respectful and empathetic during personal interactions and competitions.  Students effectively collaborate and resolve conflicts.  They are responsible, engaged members of society, who are willing and able to assume leadership roles.
  6. Information and Technology Literacy: Students locate, critically evaluate, synthesize, and communicate information in various traditional and new media formats. Students understand the social, legal, and ethical issues related to information and its use.


I-V ratified by the Academic Senate 3/6/2007

VI ratified by the Academic Senate 3/16/2010


The college will assess its ILOs in a four-year cycle. Please refer to the ILO Assessment  page for ILO  assessment reports, timeline, and alignment.


 Last Published 10/18/13