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Assessment of Learning Committee (ALC)

The ALC Mission

The Assessment of Learning Committee strives to improve student success by coordinating assessment planning, developing sustainable methodologies and procedures, providing ongoing training, and promoting authentic communication on campus and with the community.


ALC Committee Members

ALC members consists of the SLO coordinators, representatives from each academic division, the student services division, as well as  institutional researchers, the co-chairs of accreditation, the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, and the Dean Liaison.

SLO Coordinators-ECC: Chris Mello, Karen Whitney, & Janet Young

SLO Coordinator—CEC: Chelvi Subramaniam

Business Reps: Kurt Hull and Ana Milosevic

Behavioral & Social Sciences Rep: Eduardo Munoz

Humanities Reps: Kevin Degnan and Stephanie Merz

Natural Sciences Rep: Jim Noyes

Math Reps: Junko Forbes & Susanne Bucher

Industry & Technology Reps: Patricia Fairchild & SueEllen Warren

Fine Arts Reps: Harrison Storms & Fariba Sadeghi-Tabrizi

Health & Athletic Sciences Rep: Russell Serr

Library/Learning Resources Unit Rep: Claudia Striepe

Student Services Rep: Mary Barrios

Compton Center Reps: Michelle Priest

Academic Affairs ECC Rep: Bob Klier

Academic Affairs CEC Rep: Barb Perez

Compton Center Reps: Michelle Priest & Shirley Thomas

Humanities Associate Dean: Elise Geraghty

Fine Arts Associate Dean: Diane Hayden

Deans Rep: Jean Shankweiler

Institutional Research & Planning Reps: Irene Graff & Carolyn Pineda

Special Resource Center: Dipte Patel


ALC Meetings

The Assessment of Learning Committee (ALC) generally meets on the second and fourth Monday of every month.

Fall 2013 meetings: September 9, 23; October 14, 28; November 25; December 9

Spring 2014 meetings: February 10, 24; March 10; April 14, 28; May 12

Please refer to the table below for ALC agendas and minutes.


Fall 2013

September 9, 2013 


Meeting Notes

September 23, 2013


Meeting Notes

October 14, 2013


Meeting Notes

October 28, 2013


 Meeting Notes

November 25, 2013  Agenda


December 9, 2013  



Spring 2013

Feb 25, 2:30-4:00 (ADM 131)


Letter from Commission 2/11/2013

Follow-up Visit Report 11/14/2012

Meeting Notes

March 11, 2:30-4:00 (ADM 131)

ALC meeting replaced by Facilitator Meeting


March 25, 2:30-4:00 (ADM 131)

ALC meeting replaced by Facilitator Meeting


April 22, 2:30-4:00 (ADM 131)


Meeting Notes

May 13, 2:30-4:00 (ADM 131) Agenda

Meeting Notes

May 28, 2:30-4:00 (ADM 131) Agenda

Meeting Notes

Please click here for agendas and minutes of ALC meetings from previous semesters.

 Last Published 12/3/13