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2005-06 SLO Task Force Members

Lucinda Aborn, Special Resource Center Director  (no longer at ECC)
Justin Bagnall, Associated Student Organization President
Ruth Banda-Ralph, First Year Experience Learning Communities Programs Director
Francisco Arce, Academic Affairs Interim Vice President
John Baker, Student and Community Advancement Academic Interim Vice President
Susie Dever, Academic Senate President
Irene Graff, Institutional Research
Judy Kasabian, Mathematical Sciences Faculty
Ken Key, Counseling
Arvid Spor, Dean, Enrollment Services
Claudia Striepe, Learning Resources
Evelyn Uyemura, Educational Policies Committee Chair, Faculty, Humanities
Ron Way, Dean, Industry and Technology
Janet Young, College Curriculum Committee Chair, Faculty, Behavioral and Social Sciences

We thank them for their service on this task force.


Last Published 12/21/16