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Daniel Wright

Mr. Daniel Wright

Born and raised in Southern California. Attended West High School, in Torrance, CA. Graduated from UCI with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, specialization in Power Systems, and a Minor in Sociology. Took and passed the EIT/FE first time around. Started working at El Camino January 2005, and became a full time technician July 2005.

Hobbies include Photoshop, web design, and taking pictures at the occasional anime convention. The rest of my time is spent watching anime, surfing the net, and taking over the world... Well two of the three anyways. ^_^

Donald Santoianni

Mr. Donald Santoianni

Born in North Hollywood, raised in Culver City, CA. I began working as a physics lab technician at L.A. Harbor College in 1979. In 1982 I was transferred to West L. A. College when I lived in Long Beach. I found the evening part-time job at El Camino College was a great way to wait for the traffic to clear on my way home. I have stayed at El Camino College though now I am the full time physics technician at L.A. Trade Technical College and home is in Hermosa Beach. After years of part time study I earned my B.A. in History at CSULA. I have served as the Assistant Executive Secretary, Grievances for the AFT College Staff Guild for five year. Today I am a member of Locals 1521a and 6142. I collect belt buckles.

David Wright

Mr. David Wright

Graduated from Compton High School. Trained as an electronic technician in the Navy. College career included Foothill College, Compton College, El Camino where I was taught Physics by Ms. Feero, Ms. Karpel and Mr. Wilson [As any 9 year old child would know]. I received my BSEE from UCLA. Retired from TRW after 37 years of working in a variety of positions. I enjoy photography, gardening, woodworking, telescope making and amateur astronomy. I also enjoy sharing what I know with others during star parties and solar observing sessions. And I was a Math Counts Coach for several years at Lynne Middle School in Torrance.

Last Published 12/21/16